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Keith Anderson 04-16-2015 08:13 PM

Check engine light SPN 3058 FMI 16
The check engine light came on while driving in the NC mountains.
Freightliner chassis (ISL 8.9 Cummins) XC-L 380HP Manufactured Dec 2013.
Check engine light is on with a code of SPN 3058 FMI 16 SA 0.
3,500 miles on a 2014 Winnebago Journey. We bought the Journey new in Nov 2014.
The Freightliner hotline said it posted a Flash code of 3383. I spoke with three different Freightliner service centers and they all said the same thing, they can't tell for sure without putting their laptop on the OBD connector to diagnose the code.
I'm bringing the coach in for service tomorrow and will post the results.
All other engine gauges report normal, but the temperature gauge moved between quarter to half. It has never moved past the quarter mark. The engine antifreeze looks good and there is enough DEF in the tank.
The check engine light came on when we were driving in the North Carolina foothills and I noticed I had the coach's gas pedal floored going up a couple of hills.
We don't tow anything, so I don't think we were overtaxing the system.
Please let me know if anyone else has received this code?
Thank you for your help.

Keith Anderson 04-19-2015 07:38 AM

I took the coach to Freightliner in Gaffney SC. They fit me in and were very nice and professional. The technician read the code and said there was a momentary sensing of exhaust gases above the threshold. Freightliner said I needed to take the coach to Cummins in Spartenburg SC. Cummins fit me in also and the tech read the same code and said there was nothing physically wrong. There was a firmware update that addresses this code. He updated the firmware, cleared all codes and sent me on my way.
We drove 120 miles after the update and everting seems to be fine. Other than stressing out over the Check Engine light and possible loss of power, it turned out well. I highly recommend either of these locations, if service is needed.

Dutch Star Don 04-20-2015 12:11 AM

Keith....I had a 400 ISL in my 2005 Diplomat that ran flawlessly for 75K miles before I traded it on my new coach with the 450 ISL. First big trip, I get a check engine light (EGR over temp). By the time I get home, it's out and wrote it off as a glitch. Next trip, I get the same light again. I took it into Cummins. They cleaned and serviced the EGR, which only had 6K miles, reflashed the computer and said it was fine. After that, I read a post by another ISL owner who said that he makes sure the gauges sweep before he starts the coach. Since then, no issues. While in Yosemite Valley last year, I started it before the gauges swept and sure enough, it threw the code, but went out in a few miles.

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