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charliej 04-23-2015 09:02 PM

Zep floor wax on counter tops?
Has anyone tried Zep wax on a hard surface counter top? Results good bad?

My bathroom counter to is some sort of hard surface that is suppose to look like dark granite or slate. It never looks good unless wet. I am thinking of trying Zep wax on it.

fishchamp 04-23-2015 09:30 PM

I use Granite CPR Cleaner & Polish. Picked mine up at a granite supply store.

18 oz bottle cost me 8.99. Counter in RV is Granite.

charliej 04-25-2015 04:48 AM

Thanks Jeff,
I was out at the MH yesterday and took a closer look at the bath counter top, and it's really just the cheap plastic and particle board top( forgot what that's called) just looked real the way in was molded.

wildtoad 04-25-2015 05:08 AM

Yes I tried floor wax on laminate dining area counter top and dinette table. They were dull from age. Stripped it off after a few days. Water rings formed quite quickly.

charliej 04-25-2015 06:43 PM


Originally Posted by wildtoad (Post 2527818)
Yes I tried floor wax on laminate dining area counter top and dinette table. They were dull from age. Stripped it off after a few days. Water rings formed quite quickly.

Thanks Wildtoad,

NHRA225 04-25-2015 07:06 PM

What's up with this Zep product anyhow- Countertops- Exterior surfaces for a high gloss shine ? The buildups will have to be removed at some point -- sooner than later would be my guess.
For Corian counter tops I use Corian care and Polish-- works great.
For my Exterior I use Wax on and Wax off method.

HoneyBadger 04-25-2015 07:22 PM

Zep is an acrylic floor product- no wax in it.

No water marks, in other words. Hard bright finish like all acrylics and removable with Zep Stripper. It would last quite well on your countertops.

phranc 04-25-2015 07:26 PM

Give it a try.. What's the worst case ? Perhaps you don't like the results ?
Just strip it off , no worries

charliej 04-25-2015 08:15 PM

Think I'll give it a try. Already brought it anyway to do the front and rear cap. Who know's when I'll get around to doing that. The counter top won't take any time to do. Will post pic once done.

VegasRam3500 04-25-2015 10:42 PM

I do this for a living. It is a total PITA to get it off. Just leave it as is. Sometimes you can use car wax and a buffer on certain counters. Just test a small area but never any kind of wax..

MikeandClaudia 04-25-2015 11:19 PM

I use Gel Gloss on my Corian 2--3 times a year. Provides a gloss and prevents stains.

GRUU 04-28-2015 08:31 AM

I don't really understand either. It's called "floor wax" for a reason. Maybe it should be called "use on anything and everything and deal with the consequences later".

charliej 05-05-2015 05:04 PM

6 Attachment(s)
Update; as I said earlier I was mistaken, and I have the cheap laminate countertops in the bath, not the solid surface. Well I did four coats of Zep on it today.

First two pictures are the before.

Attachment 93485Attachment 93486

Others are the after. Hard to see because of the lighting, but I could not ask for better results. I will update again if it dose not hold up.

Attachment 93487Attachment 93488Attachment 93489Attachment 93490

scenic route 05-05-2015 05:35 PM

That last pic looks like it shined right up...nice improvement. :thumb:

jsides 05-06-2015 06:45 AM

:flowers:As honeybadger says zep is not a wax!! It is an acrylic product. It is called Wet Look Floor Finish. No wax implied. There are testimonials from all over. A 44 ft trawler in Florida seems to be the best, those counter tops look good. People are trying it on all sorts of things, some work some dont. But to say it wont work without trying it seems rather lame.

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