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Z-Man 05-08-2015 04:10 PM

Parts for Travel Supreme?
Glad to be a new member! Wish I would have joined sooner :blush:
I have a 2002 Travel Supreme and I have two of my exterior basement door latches that don't work. One is the single latch type on the drivers side and the other the double latch style on the passenger side. Where can I find the little internal pieces that have broken? As the handles are body painted, I'd rather not replace the whole deal! Thank you in advance for your help!! :bow:

Ray,IN 05-08-2015 07:00 PM


Hopefully this website will be of help: Travel Supreme Parts

rsflight 05-08-2015 08:13 PM

I had to replace a couple of our latches. Ours are black, one latch per door. One had broken, the other was binding. Tri-Mark and Fastec are the main suppliers. I called Fastec, confirmed the latches were theirs via description and pictures. The entire latch was not expensive (<$5 I think), so I purchased (4). Since your latches are painted, you may wish to swap out the broken parts from the new ones to the existing ones.

Nearly all parts are available from the original suppliers. A few times I went back to Entegra for advise, they purchased the Travel Supreme assets and hired most of the Travel Supreme staff. They have been very helpful. The chassis is by Spartan. They too are very helpful. They will want your VIN and then they will tell you exactly what you need, supply the parts info for your local suppliers to cross or obtain, drawings, schematics, etc. Their support is amazing.

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