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bklaes 05-17-2015 11:27 AM

Front slide lacks power to retract
This morning, 2 slides retracted with no issue, but when retracting the front passenger slide, it stopped after only moving about 6".
Sounded like it lacked enough uumph to go any further.
It extended back out, but failed at the same spot when retracting.
I went outside, my wife held the button, and with only a mild amount of pressure, I pushed till it was fully retracted.
Now I'm back home, and need to know where to look first.

A bit of history... the '05 dip is new to me, and doubt the slides have ever been serviced/lubricated.


Ted E 05-17-2015 11:36 AM

Were you plugged into shore power? If not did you try retracting with the Generator running? Fully charged batteries? Engine running? They sure draw alot of power!
Good luck,

redcolorado 05-17-2015 11:37 AM

I have had that problem when my slide needed lubrication or it was very cold outside and the seals were stiff.

bklaes 05-17-2015 11:41 AM

Thanks for quick replies. Coach was level, 70 degree weather, not plugged in, generator was running. The fully charged batteries is a good place for me to start. I'm assuming the house batteries, right?

Ted E 05-17-2015 11:54 AM

The generator running should have produced enough current to retract the slide. Couldn't hurt to check your battery level, but dought that is the issue. Have you checked underneath to ensure nothing has been wedged or it was blocked by something internally? Lubing the slide also may help. You tube videos on this help

Skip426 05-17-2015 11:55 AM

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I know that Monaco and Newmar probably use different slide controller systems.
But my coach was doing the same thing, slide would stop unless I was pushing in the first 8" of travel. A very slight adjustment on the control module cured this. If your control module has an adjustment , you have to be very careful when adjusting, because the module is meant to shut down at a certain load to protect the motor from over heating at the end of slide travel.
Picture is of the module used by Newmar.

bklaes 05-17-2015 12:08 PM

Thanks again.
I'll be watching the YouTube videos for lubing the SOs.
Compared to the other 2, this SO has always had a strained electrical sound when moving in or out. So, adjusting the controller module is also a very good idea.

8100GVW 05-17-2015 12:30 PM

Does your slide have the white nylon ramp which lifts the inner edge of the slide in the first 6-8" of travel? I just dealt with that problem on my 2001. The felt strip which the inner edge of the slide bottom rests on in the extended position had come unglued, and the slide was hitting the edge of the nylon ramp, and had damaged the edge of the nylon a bit. I re-riveted the high points on the nylon ramp, and replaced the felt landing strip. That fixed my problem.

bklaes 05-17-2015 12:42 PM

Glenn, another good idea. Not sure if I have the nylon ramp design, but the slide certainly failed at that 6-8" travel point. I'll check it out.

windsorbill 05-17-2015 08:58 PM

I'm trying to remember but I believe there was an issue with the size of the electric motor that powers the slide. I think you have the Lippert slide, if I'm not mistaken. I can research a little if you don't find the problem soon.

Also check the condition of your batteries.

bklaes 05-18-2015 05:04 AM

Bill, Checking the batteries is first on my list. I appreciate your offer to research it out, but that may be premature given the list of other possible solutions offered here. I'll send you a PM if the problem doesn't get resolved. Might be a few days... my dang work keeps getting in the way of me spending time with the RV. Bill K.

bridluz 05-18-2015 07:15 AM

My 05 does the same thing. I've had a seal replaced. I have new battery's. Recent lube did help. BUT, the motor on both front slides really seems to be under-powered. The drivers slide sounds like it struggles but always makes it by itself. The curb side needs a push 20% of the time, sometimes a push out, sometimes a push in. I've had 2 different folks look at it and they just say to lube it. That helps but I'd rather find a simple more powerful motor if that is an option.
Looking forward to hearing about other solutions.
Thanks all!

rmcb 05-18-2015 10:10 AM

Bill Willard developed a mod to bypass the slide controls so you can operate them with the engine running, thereby on 13.8v vs 12 or less. It made a significant difference for my big Lippert flush floor slide. Bill's mod installs a fuse tap and toggle switch in the front electrical panel to bypass the relay lockout for the slide. No wires are cut so you can always unplug the mod if you want.

Some folks think this is unsafe, but other brands of coaches like our previous Winnebago DP are wired this way. With Bill's mod, you can use the toggle switch to return the controls to "safe" if you want when traveling.

You can find his post by searching this forum, or drop him a note and I am sure he would be happy to send you a link .

bklaes 05-19-2015 06:12 PM

Good idea.... Somewhat glad to know my 05 is not alone with this problem

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