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volvik 06-28-2015 02:38 PM

Sirius Enabled Radio for Sirius M9SIR Tuner
My Magnadyne 9900CDS just died so I would like to replace it with another Sirius enabled radio that will work with my existing Sirius M9SIR Tuner.

I have seen some units that have the same mini DIN plug for the tuner but I have read somewhere that, despite the same plug, the older Sirius tuner may not work with the new SiriusXM enabled radios?? :facepalm:

As lots of these OEM Magnadynes went south I'm hoping that someone has replaced their's like I would like to do and can provide some help on a radio.

I know that I'll likely have to get a plate adapter for the dash to go from the existing 1.5 Din size down to a 1 Din.

:popcorn: Ron

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