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LBry 07-02-2015 05:44 PM

Can't find 97 Bounder ODB Port
I have a 35 ft 97 Bounder with a 460 Ford. I've read some of the other posts about where to find the ODB (computer codes) port, but can't find the Ford port anywhere. // Hoping to identify saved codes after total power loss on I-10. Waited 15 minutes and was able to drive 35-40 miles, loose power and start all over again. Any suggestions appreciated...

Skip426 07-03-2015 11:44 AM

Sorry you're here with problems.
The OBD port is mandated to be within 18" of the steering column, but some manufacturers get creative with hiding it:facepalm:. Some require you be laying on the floor with you head on the brake pedal to see it.
If you loose power without the CEL ( Check Engine Light ) coming on , then runs ok after cool down, could be early signs of fuel pump failure , and that wouldn't trigger the CEL.

BFlinn181 07-03-2015 11:51 AM


They seem to put the OBD-I port, (460 engines didn't have an OBD-II port connection) usually on the left side under the doghouse, adjacent to the gas pedal. Some reports suggest if your dash lifts up, it might be under there, other reports up next to radiator. (?) It's usually protected by a rubber or plastic cover to keep it dry.

TeJay 07-03-2015 12:05 PM

Bob is correct. Things didn't get to become standard until (ODB II) in 1996 for cars and later for big trucks. You will have an OBD I port somewhere. It is only an 8 pin (I think) female connector. The ODB II is 12 or 16 pins. Dang I'm getting old.

You're likely to find it about anywhere.

Here's a simple thing to do and it will identify for sure if it's a fuel pump. When it stalls or looses power take a rubber hammer and smack the bottom of the fuel tank a few times. Get in an try to re-start. If it does re-start then your fuel pump is getting bad. They get corroded and won't always pump. A quick smack with the hammer and you're in business. That trick will save you a tow if eventually it won't re-start. Believe me it will work it it's the fuel pump. Yes you can take the dog house off and check for fuel pump pressure but usually it won't fail in a convenient place. And changing the pump requires removal of the tank. That's not a fun job.

If it won't re-start then you are loosing spark. If when it cools off it re-starts then it's even a better bet it's electronic. Sometimes those things are effected by heat. They open when hot and close when they cool down.


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