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RoadyRose 07-10-2015 08:04 AM

Too Many Floorplans....Too Little Time
:)I have made more than several posts here about my wjfe's and myself's search for a new Travel Trailer. I've looked at so many makes, models, and floor plans that they all seem to run together. We have found yet another model that we are going to look at tomorrow. It is a Sunset Trail Super Lite. Is anyone here familiar with this make of TT? They look like they are a quality build by the photo's, but we are anxious to walk through one and see it first hand. The model we are looking at is a SST 240BH. They do not have this model on the lot but they have the exact same model with the exception of the one they have having a slide kitchen. This would give us a good idea on the quality and the layout in the floor plan that we are looking at. I also have a question. I have heard the reference used here to some units having a "floating rear wall". I'm not too familiar with this term. Does this mean that some rear walls move somewhat with the frame shift while traveling? I would appreciate some help concerning this. My wife and I made a few mistakes with our last RV purchase that I do not wish to repeat. As always, any help would be greatly appreciated here. Thanks in advance and everyone take care and Safe Travels to you.

Skip426 07-10-2015 09:55 AM

Can't help with your question, sorry.

Just wanted to say , you'll know when you've looked at too many RV's , when you can figure out the floor plan, by seeing the window placement, from the far side of the sales lot.:D

Superslif 07-10-2015 07:02 PM

We been kicking some tires also. I'm willing to pay for quality. (Winnebago, Arctic Fox...) but have not found it yet. Looking for tt between 25' and 29', dedicated sleeping for 3 adults. We have a 26' Aerolite hybrid now, with a couch/kitchen slide and two full beds. Looking for something to be more 4-season.

Wife said she wants my son to have his own bed. 50+ fresh water tanks, molded front cap, quality cabinets, 64"+ couch. Larger shower with glass doors. I like this floorplan (Winnebago 27RBDS) Except the bedding issue and the over-all length. This general floorplan came out 5 years ago, now every RV manufacturer has copied it in some form. If you took out the full front bedroom, turned the bed sideways, added a bunk above. You would get you extra bedding and, shorten the length by two feet.

Years back there was a floorplan with a door near the front where there was a full bed below and a bunk above.

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