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okiegirl2u 07-12-2015 12:01 PM

Problem w/ Replace Sony camera and cable with Voyager b/w camera
Our 6 pin cable to the rear Sony camera was bad . We have the Pioneer DV3 monitor . Didn't want to replace side cams and monitor if we could avoid it. Dealer sold us Voyager b/w camera (they said the color Voyager would not work with our system). Hubby finally got the old camera which was riveted in removed. What a nightmare that was, he finally have to drill through the camera itself to get to the rivets! Mounted Voyager camera and installed Voyager cable . We have tested the camera and the 6 pin adapter to take the cable inside to the Sony connection at the switch box for the cameras. The camera works great when tested but doesn't do anything but a flash of light when plugged in outside to the cable. I CAN NOT believe we did not test the cable before he crawled under and did an awesome job securing it to the frame !! Has anyone just replaced the rear Sony cam with the Voyager cam using the Voyager 75 Ft. CEC cable to Sony adapter ? Wondering if the color cable might be a problem with the black and white camera? It doesn't seem like it would be a problem with the Pioneer monitor or it would not work fine when plugged in straight to switch box. Or it really more likely that we installed a bad cable?? Damn I can't believe we didn't test the cable. :(

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