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42x 07-25-2015 11:51 AM

Warning lights on dash.
All warning lights on dash will not go out after starting MH. Can anyone tell me the cause. 01 Nation tradewinds 7390. Thx for any help.

desobelman 07-25-2015 12:51 PM

dash lights
Are there several lights on? Which ones are they? Not sure about the diesel chassis, but on my Workhorse a solid yellow warning lights means needs attention, a blinking yellow means take care of NOW and a red light means stop and go no further!

Hope this helps a little. I would definitely get to a service shop to check out.

Happy Trails! :angel:

42x 07-25-2015 02:03 PM

Dash lights
There are no blinking lights. all lights that come on first turning switch on, stay on after starting engine and stay on.

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