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Scooter 07-26-2015 11:56 AM

Who has a WHOLE HOUSE generator, 20KW or more ?
Been thinking about this. Generac Guardian has been advertised a lot, lately. We would want 20KW or more with a ATS.

Anyone have this one....or another brand that works well for you ?

Thank you

1ciderdog 07-26-2015 07:23 PM

I have used a 12KW propane Generac for several years - it meets our needs but we do not have central air conditioning. We lived off grid and used it as a back up for solar. I had an 12 Onan diesel before that and it was loud. I'd buy another Generac if I needed another largish generator.

trikeleader 07-26-2015 10:33 PM

I have a 20kw Generac unit with automatic transfer switch at my home, and it is the best thing I have ever had for the house. My unit runs on LP gas but it will run on natural gas with the flip of a switch on the carberator. It is designed to run 10 minutes a week to keep the condensation out of the generator windings. It starts and runs with a power outage, I have power 15-30 seconds after the power goes out. When power is returned the generator runs about 2 minutes to cool down and shuts off. The whole thing is automatic. Even when we are not home. I have an all electric house with central air conditioning and an electric water heater, it handles it all with no problems.

Genset 07-27-2015 06:07 AM

Been in the generator business for more than 40 years, the largest we ever sold for a home was 300 kw Cummins/Onan, average is about 35 kw, mine is 20 kw sound attenuated Onan/Cummins Diesel on a 85 gal diesel tank, been 100% trouble free since 1999. Used to sell the Generac line, however we were not willing to wait until they came up with a dependable unit. Most seem to have bugs, that need reset. In y business for every 100 panic calls, 99 are Generac owners in the dark, the Onan/Cummins are either out of fuel of dead battery.
Generac does a grand job advertising, but my opinion, wish they put some of that money to improving the dependability.
We no longer buy Generac nor Briggs & Stratton, se stick with the Cummins/Onan, that way my customers and I can sleep thru the storms in peace.
Many customers have junked the Air Cooled units for dependable stuff.
Dave M

TQ60 07-27-2015 11:29 AM

Would not want a generac...

In communications for 35 or so years and the generac was what seemed like standard unit and fine when new but over time they got wonky.

We put in MTS and quick connectors at all generator sites due to their often failure.

The control panels were poorly built with retail grade stuff.

Combine that with service folks who know how to fix the engine but clueless on control systems.

These were older units and current may be better.

Looks like Onan may be the current choice...

You could look for cell towers in your area and see if any have generators to see what is common in your area.

That will give a clue to what is available and if service is there.

Many are upgrading to fuel cells but others have property management companies investing in site wide (multiple carriers on one tower) generator service and those require very dependable service.

Generac is a retail product sold at box stores.

You also get what you pay for and higher grade will have higher cost.

Factor in fuel SOURCE...

If in a disaster the second thing that goes is utility poer...Gas included so go diesel or tanked fuel source.

Also check to confirm permitting for running as some places are concerned with emissions, check with building department or state (if in Ca a must do)

Plan carefully as it can make a huge difference!

Helipilot 07-29-2015 12:21 AM

20 kw
We have had our Generac 20KW whole house with ATS for six years now and have zero problems. Last winter an ice storm knocked out power for a week and our generator ran the entire time. We have a 500 gal propane tank to run it. Was a blessing and we shared our hot water for showers with some of our neighbors and an extra bedroom upstairs for the couple with a new baby. The roads were un passable for about five days.

micpib1354 07-29-2015 02:54 AM

I have a 17kw Generac with the auto switch, it has been flawless for a year and a half. We are on a well with a 220 pump, electric water heater, heat pump/AC, etc. and it handles everything with no problem. JH

CampingCajun 07-29-2015 07:45 AM

A friend of mine has a Generac 18KW natural gas at his home. Last year he had to replace the fuel tank which had rusted out. Took him awhile to find one. We have never had our Natural Gas system around here go down after Hurricanes when electric power was down.

Scooter 08-30-2015 11:12 AM

We have not yet bought a standby genset. CR did a small ratings list of 11K to 13.6K gensets in their Oct 2015 issue. Propane and natural gas only.

Cummings and Onan tied for first place. Generac #3 and Briggs #4.

bulldog2 08-31-2015 12:45 PM

i have a 13kw Aurora from Canada , i hooked it up to a bypass from my fuel oil tank , same as diesel ,just dont tell them that ,its really frowned on ,but i have 275gal of oil ,plus its own 45gal tank , has been a godsend from time to time

marc080 08-31-2015 01:04 PM

I installed a 17 kw after back to back hurricanes in 2004.We went without power for 20 days after francis and 12 days after jean.The only thing I have done is oil changes and replaced one battery.It has not failed us yet.

mel s 08-31-2015 01:15 PM


Originally Posted by bulldog2 (Post 2723340)
i have a 13kw Aurora from Canada , i hooked it up to a bypass from my fuel oil tank , same as diesel ,just dont tell them that ,its really frowned on ,but i have 275gal of oil ,plus its own 45gal tank , has been a godsend from time to time Diesel Generators by Aurora Generators.

What makes you think that fuel oil, (if it is the same as diesel). is frowned on for use in a diesel powered generator?
'96 Safari

bulldog2 08-31-2015 01:28 PM

the company said it would void the warrenty ,no matter what i said ,they do NOT want you useing heating oil ( i think its because of taxes ) but not certain

TQ60 08-31-2015 09:03 PM

Look for a model called "whisper watt" as they usually are commercial grade but real quiet.

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