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Zak 08-12-2015 01:31 PM

Newmar, Dometic & Insurers - Is this the Scam?
So, as i've reported on the forum recently, one of the three roof top AC units (Penguin IIs) on our 2014 MADP failed completely about 13 months after date of coach purchase. One month (or less) after Newmars 1 year warranty expired (of course).

I also purchased the additional five years of total coach coverage (PAL or SAL or whatever the RV insurer is) at the time of purchasing the coach.

I had the unit replaced today by a certified Dometic sales/service RV place.

They phoned in the claim to PAL/SAL (sorry, forget the name) and they DENIED the claim stating I should still have warranty with Dometic.

Remember when you bought your coach new from Newmar and your dealer said "mail these warranty cards in withing FIVE business days of today (for all your appliances etc) or they won't activate your warranty? Well, guess what? It took us three days of travel to get home with the bus, and we mailed the cards out immediately. All three were "rejected" but Dometic as failing to meet the turnaround time. It was international mail for us...and that takes a week or more, not days apparently.

Soo...I'm out $2,400 for the total replacement job (had to pay today). I'm calling Dometic tomorrow to inquire about them paying me back (don't expect that to go well). Don't expect Newmar to do a darn thing because this is between Dometic and me after their one year factory warranty is expired.

Have any other members been in this position where your extra coverage provider denies your claim and just sends you to the manufacturer then Dometic also denies on a failure to register each unit in that ridiculous turnaround time? I am hoping that the registration isn't really necessary and that once i give Dometic my serial #, they cover it. Naive? Any had success on that basis?

I could use some coaching or advice prior to my calling Dometic tomorrow so I'm as prepared as possible. Many thanks to any who can help out.

Mr_D 08-12-2015 01:37 PM

By US Federal law they can't deny a warranty for not returning the cards. But the original warranty was for one year.
Dometic used to double the warranty to two years IF the cards were returned. Don't know about that policy now though.
Did the shop contact your service policy company try and get authorization BEFORE they did the work? If so then the service contract should cover it.
Another thought is that the Dometic warranty may only be good for US citizens.

GaryKD 08-12-2015 01:38 PM

Hi Zak,
Failure to send in the registration card can not be a reason for denying a warranty claim. It is against the law. All one needs is proof of purchase (bill of sale for a coach). Corrupt companies will try this scam because of the amount involved. It will cost more for you to hire an attorney than to just forget it.

Call Newmar, they may take your case to Dometic.

Winepress 08-12-2015 01:40 PM

I think all you need is proof of purchase. Good luck and let us know how it works out.

shaman52 08-12-2015 03:31 PM

Dometic Penguin II warranty: Parts and Freight 3 yr. warranty, Labor 2 yr. warranty. Will need to provide proof of purchase and date. Please look into.

Good Luck

JMonroe 08-12-2015 05:46 PM

I agree, warranty can not be denied because you did not mail in the registration card. IF there was an offer to extend the warranty for the simple task of mailing in the card, that would be a different matter.

For what it's worth, we're on our 8th RV (over almost 40 years), 7 of those we bought new. In every case the dealer completed and mailed in all the appliance registration cards on our behalf.

wagonmaster2 08-12-2015 09:55 PM

I wondered why the dealer wanted the Dometic warranty cards on the day we finalized the purchase then left all the other registrations to us. Undoubtedly Dometic is trying to be a stinker about this. We received the warranty documents about 5-6 weeks later, and of course giving us the opportunity to pay for an extended warranty beyond the normal 3 years.

KenNJ 08-13-2015 06:08 PM


Had a similar situation but with our outside TV. Our outside TV just quit on us 3 months after the 1 year warranty period with Sony. I called Sony and was not pleased with their answer so I contacted Newmar. Bottom line, Newmar said not so fast on the Sony response even though the TV was 3 months past the 1 year warranty period.

Newmar contacted the company they purchase all electronics from and without hesitation they replaced my TV. In addition Newmar picked up the cost of labor to remove the old one and install new. In my view, Newmar made sure the right thing happened. Just another reason why we are pleased to be a Newmar owner.

I would say contact Newmar, ask them to speak with Dometic on your behalf. I am hopeful you will find a different result using Newmars leverage.

Hope this helps

wa8yxm 08-13-2015 06:28 PM

Though the warranty (Expressed) is for one year with a possible double to 2 years.. There is also something called the Uniform Commercial Code.. This code IS NOT LAW and has no authority but many states have adopted it as the basis of their Consumer Protection Laws. Those are laws.

Now,,, the odds I know the Consumer Proteciton Act in the state you purchased in is less than 2% and I'm not comfortable getting specific in the one state I am familure with.. So you will have to either do your own research or hire a pro.

But it may be you do have warranty coverage via one or the other company. Keep pressing and if all else fails. Seek professional assistance.

Remember: Many insurance companies make you work for that settlement check on the theory that you will give up before they have to pay up.. They are CRIMINALS and need to pay triple.

Zak 08-14-2015 06:27 AM

Here's an interesting update!

Admittedly I started this process thinking the worst (as many of you have experienced) when dealing with Warranty and/or Insurance claims on stuff you just purchased. I guess my immediate reaction when denied by Newmar and then my RV Insurer was "here's the gap between them and where my money falls".

Surprisingly and certainly worth credit is how this was resolved. The Dometic dealer i had the unit replaced at called Dometic on my behalf. They were told to have me send in a written report of why i ordered the unit ahead of time and paid for it in advance (i.e. to keep my bus on the road in peak season rather than waste a month or more). I was told to submit my invoices and receipt as well.

I submitted everything yesterday morning, along with a long story about the situation to dometic. Within 2 hours, a rep responded that they "understood" the situation and they covered $1,150 USD of the $2,300 CDN bill (or about $1,600 CDN). As far as i'm concerned that's a win and I'll take it gladly. I'm a bit ashamed i didn't believe things would be that easy, but we've had difficulties before with warranties and multiple parties going to lengths to make it so difficult you just give up and pay out of pocket.

So in summary, i didn't get the warranty registration cards in within the 10 days they imply, the units were in year 2 of lifespan and Dometic did not even question their coverage of the total replacement. Cool huh? LOL....pun intended. they are supposed to mail me payment in two weeks.


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