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Christian 08-22-2015 04:03 PM

2002 Holiday Rambler Navigator - No Electrical Power
Need some advice please.......
I suddenly have no electrical power at all!!! It does not matter if I'm running the generator or connected to shore power. I was advised that it was probably a transfer switch issue and since the unit was older I went ahead and updated it with a new one . Still no power. I cant find any breakers that are tripped inside.
What am I missing here?
Thanks for your help...

Johndale 08-22-2015 04:11 PM

You may have a loose wire on the output side of the transfer switch going to the breaker panel. Is it a 30 or 50 amp system and what type of gen.

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BFlinn181 08-22-2015 04:12 PM


O.K., you've installed a new auto transfer switch. Have you used a meter or test light to see if the power from the pedestal is making it into the RV as far as the transfer switch? How about from the generator to the transfer switch, any measure of generator power at the transfer switch?

Do you have a electrical management system (EMS) that monitors and only allows power into the RV if it meets certain parameters? They can go bad and won't allow power through. If it's a Progressive Industries EMS they have a switch on the box that bypasses it in case of failure.

I'm sure you've checked circuit breakers at the generator and the power panel by turning off then turning on again.

jacwjames 08-22-2015 06:05 PM

My EMS system went bad but it only affects the circuits that controlled the 2 AC units, electric water heater, and washer and dryer.

The other circuits are controlled by the inverter. 120 volt power is supplied to the inverter via 2 breakers on the main power panel. These 2 lines then goes to the inverter and then back to the small power panel the provide power to most of the outlets in the coach. The inverter has a switching device that will either let the 120 volt power pass through or will invert 12VDC to the 120 volt and then onto the small panel.

Your situation is odd in that you didn't have power so you changed the transfer switch and now you still don't have power. Both power supplies are separate with the only common denominator is the transfer switch.

I agree with BFlinn181, you need to check the power coming into the transfer switch from both the generator and the shore power. I would start by making sure the shore power is wired correctly. Use a meter to check each leg for 120 volt, neutral and ground.

If you have a surge guard you should see on the display whether it is clean power with proper wiring, voltage and frequency. It should be installed before the transfer switch. If you don't have good power it won't let it pass through. There is a possibility the surge protector could have failed not letting power through. (still doesn't explain no generator power).

The generator has circuit breakers on it, make sure they are not thrown. When the generator power check the voltage on each leg of the transfer switch.

Let us know what you find.

BFlinn181 08-22-2015 06:49 PM

Jacwjames, I think you're confusing an EMS with an EMS.:blink::flowers:

The one I was talking about, like one by Progressive Industries, checks electricity coming into the RV and only connects if it's proper. It's an Electricity Management System. It's like a Surge Guard, but with a much better warranty. (1 year as apposed to lifetime repair or replacement)

The EMS you described is an Energy Management System and is intended to switch off power to heavy amp appliances that could overload the system if others are also on. More needed in 30 amp RVs than in 50 amp ones. If it goes bad it generally just doesn't shut off power.

The EMS by PI or Surge Guard can fail and then not send power through to the transfer switch. Most are hooked up to protect shore power, but occasionally folks also monitor generator input by installing it after the transfer switch, between the ATS and the breaker panel.

jacwjames 08-23-2015 07:27 AM

Nope, not confused, I have both.

Progressive HW50C surge protector, mine wired in front shore power prior to it going into the transfer switch. If this fails you loose shore power but the generator power should still provide power to coach.

Intellitec EMS which monitors total load and will shed load to keep consumption under 30 amps. In my case it controls the 2 AC units, electric water heater, washer dryer. Even if this fails you still should have power to the rest of the electrical outlets. Normally if the generator is running it will take priority of the system and let everything run, however, if the Intellitec system has failed you will not have power for the controlled circuits. In my case I can bypass the Intellitec, which lets me run AC's (or the rest of the appliances) but you have to monitor consumption since it isn't being controlled by the system.

That being said there are other manufacturers of this equipment so the OP may have something else but since his is a 2002 HR it may have same as mine since I have a 2002 Windsor

Christian 08-24-2015 04:14 PM

I appreciate all of this input. I Have someone coming to check it out tomorrow and I will report back with the details.

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