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gMw 08-24-2015 09:44 AM

SC Class F Driverís License HELP
HELP Please...

We just moved to SC and understand I need to obtain a SC Class F Driverís License.

I went to the local SC DMV and the first person told me I needed a CDL License (and gave me forms to fill out for a CDL), second person said I needed a Class F License, which aligns with the SC WEB site. I was also told Iíd need to take a Knowledge test, Off-Road and On-Road tests. When I asked for a Class F Driverís License handbook, I was told to read the CDL manual, it covers Class F. :banghead:

Today I called SC DMV, a central information, just to confirm a few things, after two transfers, I was told not to read the CLD Manual, just read the General Driverís License manual, it covers Class F. :banghead: :banghead:

Kinda feeling like ďWhoís on FirstĒ

Iíve downloaded both manuals from the SC DMV website, while both manuals list the existence of a class F license, neither manual provides any specific information about what I really need to know.

I would like to get the scoop, and maybe talk, to someone thatís actually taken the tests for a SC Class F Driverís License.


ltcolmac17 08-24-2015 09:54 AM

SC Class F license
Read through this thread linked below, but my specific reply is #10.

I took all the tests and now hold the SC Class F license. As others have also commented, the DMV examiners may or may not be very familiar with motorhomes, and some really may not be familiar with Class 8 trucks although they administer the CDL exams.

Check my link in the post for the locations where the Class F is administered, as some places give the knowledge test but not the on-road test. Go there with your rig and practice on a weekend.

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