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dennismhamm 09-24-2015 10:30 AM

plugging into 30amp service
if we plug into 30 amp service what will we be able use in our motorhome? will the residential frig work? will we also be able to use one of the ac? And what about the convection oven?

wolfe10 09-24-2015 10:40 AM

Plugging into a 30 amp will allow you to use each of your 120 VAC appliances, BUT only up to a total usage of 28 or so amps.

The 30 amp male to 50 amp female adapter connects the single hot on the 30 amp end to both hots on the 50 amp end. So, all circuits in the coach are supplied.

From a practical standpoint, turn OFF the 120 VAC heating element in the water heater, put the inverter/charger "power share/power save" on 5 amps and then one A/C. No problem.

2003 Alpine 38FDDS

wa8yxm 09-24-2015 06:42 PM

The residential fridge shoudl work, most are under 300 watts.

The rules
Big ticket items are over 1,000 watts.. IF your 30 amp service is good and solid you can have a maximum of TWO of these,,,, Only one Air Conditioner though See note below.
I often run A/C RV-Fridge (sligtly more power than your Residential) and either Water heater OR microwave but not both..

Note that if you do not have good solid 30 amps (IE: voltage drops when A/C kicks in to LESS than 110) you may not be able to add the water heater or microwave, May have to disable A/C (Turn off) to use the Microwave.. I've also had on at least one site to put the Fridge on gas. but you do nto have that option (That park has very bad power).

Note also. It helps if the batteries are FULL since my converter goes BIG TICKET if they are down too far... Most do or at least come close.

Finally.. Full batteries, NO water heater, Fridge on Gas.. I've run two A/Cs on a solid 30 amp line... Twice. Both A/C's had just been cleaned inside and out. But I've been full time for like 7 years out of the 10 years this rig's been on the road.

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