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Rmallardjr 10-10-2015 01:13 PM

Prowler slide motor -2004
Where can I get one ? I am looking up the details like serial number , etc.
Camp World has had a friends trailer for months and has not performed....big surprise !
I know there is one out there that will work. Once I get a look at it I will devise a 'modification'......


rbleau6885 10-10-2015 08:50 PM

If there a place that rebuilds motor might be your best bet to drop it off a a local shop and have them rebuild it. That's what I do for my plow motors and golf cart if not try Amazon

2014 wildwood 27rlss
2005 Chevy 2500HD crew cab

2500HD 10-15-2015 05:38 PM

It should not be hard if you have serial numbers. Like said above Amazon or ebay. I would call a local rv dealer that works of other brands they don't sell and see if you can locate one. Some of the guys who have been around these things awhile will know exactly what motor it takes.

Also can you crank it out manually? that's what I would do and keep camping.

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