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ronkash 10-29-2015 09:12 AM

Gulfstream Scenic Crusier Help
I have a 2000 Scenic Cruiser Diesel Pusher.
I removed the batteries several months ago due to discharging, they were old anyhow.
It was running and starting just fine up to that point, other then dead battery.
With the installation of the new batteries it has developed some issues
Spartan says that the coach was delivered with two 12 volt batteries, it now has 3; the 3rd installed by Gulfstream.
There are 3 heavy gage cables, 1 heavy gage ground, installed by Spartan connected in parallel to the two batteries.
There is a bundle (8) of smaller gage white wires and 1 smaller gage black wire that I thought was connected to the 3rd 12 volt battery but I get nothing with that combination.
Does anyone have a Gulfstream with that battery setup ? I am stumped :(

RV Wizard 10-30-2015 02:46 AM

Hello and :welcome: We are glad to have you join us here and we look forward to reading of your adventures an experiences. I am sure you will enjoy our website and forums. Good luck, stay safe and keep us posted.
The third battery should be jumpered to the other two in parallel. The white group cables will go on the negative post and the black on the positive. You may want to check out our Gulf Stream Owners Forum further down the list. If you still have a need for assistance let us know.

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