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John & Sheri 03-07-2004 04:00 PM

I have seen this on a website and now im really confused.. What do they define as a firearm. I know that a pistol you cant carry it from state to state but what about rifles and shotguns.. Dont get me wrong, I never EVER brought my firearm with me but how many of you have and was it a pistol or rifle??

Do you carry a firearm in your RV?

With 2334 responses thus far, here's how the voting is going:

Always 39.55% (923)

Often 13.45% (314)

Rarely 7.41% (173)

Never 39.59% (924)

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BeenThere DoneThat 03-07-2004 05:29 PM

You CAN carry a pistol from state to state. There are only a few states that prohibit it. The easiest way is to get a concealed weapon permint from your home state (if it allows it) then a lot of states will reconize it. The big problem is what is an RV? Is it a home or a vehicle? The laws are different. So, a carry permit is the best option.
Even without a permit, there are a lot of states that will let you carry it in a way the driver can't get to it easily.

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Gary RVRoamer 03-07-2004 05:56 PM

Count us in the Never category.

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Rich & Zara 03-07-2004 07:56 PM

Firearm topics of the past covered the 'if we should, should not, will or will not' have possession of various types of arms.

I have a concealed weapon permit from Washington State and like 'BeenThere DoneThat' indicated, it is reciprocal with most of the neighboring states and some of the others beyond. Even those states that may not allow the weapon, it stays in the RV, out of sight, would never be used unless necessary and I haven't the slightest worry about breaking a law because of having one close by. One thing for sure is you CANNOT legally take a pistol into or through Canada. For more information, I suggest you checkout the NRA Website.

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DumbDumb 03-07-2004 08:52 PM

I do not own a firearm at the moment and probably never will again,but who knows.

There are things that put security on my list of things to incorperate just to be on the safe side and a gun is not one of them.

There are plenty of weapons one can use in their immediate surroundings if one had to and I do not think a gun should be one of them.

Not saying those who carry guns are wrong to do so , it's just that I do not like the way they are frowned upon when they are used and I would not like to shoot anyone unless they were armed and going to attack me. What justifies deadly force being used from state to state would be a concern if I ever had to use it.

Protecting personel,family, home and property is something that is sometimes required,but most RVers I bet are not people that have many fears of assault or personal harm when traveling ,even full-time.

It's a personal choice I would think.

Gobbler 03-08-2004 01:17 AM

Count us in the ALWAYS category.

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Dave Fernandez 03-08-2004 06:22 AM

You can count us in the ALWAYS category. Except when you travel to Mexico or Canada. It is better to be Judged by 12 then carried by 6.


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Tom, Kathy and Sydney 03-08-2004 09:22 AM

This is a great question and can be fairly debated by both Pro and Con sides. I spent 24 years in the USMC, served in VietNam, Desert Storm and many other smaller conflicts. I served to protect and defend the constitution which gives freedom of speach to our citizens and the right to keep and bear arms. I respect both sides opinion which was why I served. I, myself and my wife, own weapons. We carry them on our RV. I have never taken them out of the Country because its not my right to do so. Therefore, while I'm in the US we always have them. Sorry for the long winded response but it's important to the back ground before a simple yes.
What come with ownng any weapon is a deep respect for that weapon and the damage it can do. Unless you've seen it first hand you'll never really understand. The great thing about our country is we can openly talk about it and agree or disagree. Semper Fi.

1998 Holiday Rambler
Tom, Kathy and Sydney
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Peaceful 03-08-2004 09:32 AM You "betcha" , I also carry fish poles, bow & arrows and a baseball bat & glove. I have long guns and short guns, some for personal protection some for shooting sports and some for hunting and some bedcause I like them.

"Fulltimin & Lovin It"

jim hutch 03-08-2004 01:17 PM ....this is a great site for info state to state on carrying..all states are different and just because you have a permit from your home state, don't think you are legal in others. Save yourself grief and double can apply in alot of states for a non resident permit providing you have a permit from your home state.

To answer your question ...always carry and also have a big Bowie

Jim Hutch
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TTT1953 03-08-2004 02:21 PM

Always, and with a great deal of respect for the responsibility we have assumed.

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John & Sheri 03-08-2004 02:42 PM

Ok.. Im really confused now.. How do you carry a pistol from state to state.. seriously the majority doesnt recipricate and if they do, what must you do, get a permit from state to state.. Im really confused now from that link.

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RKW 03-08-2004 03:01 PM

I never do, but I'm glad the other RV'ers do. Keeps the bad guys wary.

"Official Generator Wrangler"

BeenThere DoneThat 03-08-2004 04:34 PM

Yianni, It depends on your home state. At the web site mentioned, use the 'tool' but tell it you have a Florida permit and see the difference.

(fka TonyT)
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