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Online_17 04-14-2021 12:14 PM

Update- turned out to be a defective battery. Apparently, rare. My

SteveNSue 04-23-2021 11:27 AM

Heard from a little bird that the Sprinter might have a new recall in the near future. This one concerns brake calipers. Don't know the details but understand negotiations are underway to determine if a recall is necessary.

hoosierrun 04-24-2021 12:35 PM


Originally Posted by hoosierrun (Post 3271737)
We took delivery of a 2016 LTV Serenity last month and on our first trip, we experienced vibration at 65 MPH from the front end. This MH uses the Sprinter 3500 chassis. LTV had us take it in to a frame shop and they aligned the front end and balanced the front tires. One tire was 22/1000's out of round so they trued it up on their machine. The alignment toe-in was out of spec and the right side camber was off enough that they required the installation of a camber kit to get it set correctly. Our next trip is scheduled in October, so we are hoping that the vibration will be gone at highway speeds.

Other minor problems are with the lighting. One of the tail light segments was repaired the day after we took delivery, but it went out again on our trip. This time I attempted the repair and got it working again. It appears that the bulbs become loose in the sockets on the lens. Removal of the lens on the left side is difficult because of the plumbing pipes that limit access to the fastener that holds the lens against the body. Also, the 3rd brake light is full of water droplets. I will probably try to remove it, dry it out and try to reseal it. Our dealer is about 100 miles away, so I can not take the time to go there for minor things like this.

For the most part, we are pretty happy with the MH.

I came across this old post that I made. I guess I cursed myself. Beginning in 2017, or at 12,000 miles I had lots of problems with my Sprinter. I had a thread here titled "Vacation is ending up terrible". It might take a half hour to read that but in a nutshell, the Mercedes dealer had my motorhome (LTV Serenity) for over a month and replaced toms of parts. They flew in Pete DeMayo to help out (Mercedes senior tech). It was an injector that momentarily shorted in such a way that it shut the engine off but did not store a code. It's a long story including previous removal and testing of injectors which tested OK. Only shot gun replacement of thousands of dollars in parts fixed it.
In addition to that problem, I have had 3 wheel sensors, a NOX sensor, ABS hydraulic/electronic module, power steering pump (cracked pulley), EGR temp sensor, and chaffed wire harness replaced or repaired. There is quite a stack of paperwork in a folder. Right now, the auto headlights, auto wipers, and over head light console do not work. The reverse camera is so dim that it is unusable.
For a vehicle that is widely used in class C motorhomes, it has been a very disappointing experience. On the good side, Mercedes has covered most everything on the intial warranty and an extended warranty that I purchased.

hoosierrun 04-24-2021 12:40 PM


Originally Posted by johnradams (Post 5655926)
Hello, HoosierRun!

I have a 2015 Serenity, and need to replace a couple of lights in the driver-side tail light assembly. I have opened the access door inside the rear compartment, and I can see the 3 long bolts that secure the tail-light lens assembly. One of the 3 is very reachable, one is partially obscured by the water lines, and the third is so obscured that I can barely touch it -- much less manipulate it.

You wrote these true words:

"Removal of the lens on the left side is difficult because of the plumbing pipes that limit access to the fastener that holds the lens against the body."

How the heck does one perform this operation?!? I've googled quite a bit, but to no avail. Your post is the closest I've come to help.

I would be extremely grateful for any assistance you can offer!


Sorry that I missed this... although I don't think I can offer any help. Small hands, twisting and contorting is how I finally got it. I did grease the socket/bulb contacts and haven't had a failure yet. Hopefully by now you got it fixed.

TimSullivan 04-26-2021 10:37 PM

My 2016 Sprinter 3500 has been basically trouble free....
I guess I've been extremely lucky with my 2016 Sprinter 3500 ERA 170A as all my problems have been Winnebago in nature. I just consistently keep my DEF up after every trip, change the oil at 10,000 and the fuel filter at 20,000. Oh, and I also torqued the rear spring mounts per the factory directions. So far a couple of safety recalls on the airbags and oxygen sensor but it cost me nothing but the inconvenience. Just got the "Emission Modification" lawsuit in the mail and made my appointment at the dealer such that I get a check for $3,500 smackeroos! Nope, my Benz has been good to me with 50K showing on the odo. Now, on the other hand the fit, finish and quality of some of the Winne features....

KanzKran 04-27-2021 10:09 AM

I haven't read the whole thread, but my biggest gripe is the crappy blind spot monitoring. It signals red when there's nothing there. Flat ground, multiple empty lanes to the left, not even a guard rail, and it shows red. It's mostly the driver's side. Sometimes it shuts itself off entirely, for no apparent reason. Incredibly poor performance.

I had M-B check it, and they said it works as it should. I even paid them to take it out and do it again, with the same 'result'. I've never seen a vehicle that does this, and I've had a lot with that feature.

Oh, and it's a 2018 coach on a 2017 van, 3500 extended length.

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