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drdarrin 12-05-2015 04:32 PM

Greetings for Northern California
Greetings everyone.

My wife and I, mainly I, have been lurking for about a year now, researching various topics and learning as much as we can from others. We are on our 4th camper. We've bought a used 30 foot trailer back in the early 90's and I lived in it for about 3 months in Tennessee. Didn't use it much beyond that.

When we moved to California (job) we bought a tent camper and used it a lot on weekends in the Sierra's. Nice rig, lots of space, but I didn't enjoy setting it up and taking it down twice (once for the camping, once for drying out) each trip.

Last year we bought a 2009 KZ Spree 240RBS and enjoyed everything about it; except the bed. I thought I could 'get by' with a short queen. Turns out I was wrong. My 78" length and it's 72" length left a little overhang, if you know what I mean. I also had a water leak (interior piping) in it that was a real pain to fix. I've learned to love PLEX pipe and quick connect fittings. :banghead: We've spent several weekends in the Sierra's with it and pulled it for 3 weeks this summer thru Nevada, Utah, Idaho and Oregon, visiting family and the south Utah/North Arizona National parks. This rig was recently sold on Craigslist to a shorter couple.

Our current rig is a 2012 Keystone Montana 3100RL, a Dodge 3500 DRW 4x4 and a B&W turnover ball/Companion hitch. The trailer came with a ton of extras including a RoadTrip grill without a regulator. I found a $2.50 solution to the missing regulator problem. We've replaced the 2 x 12V batteries (one of which was cooked when we got the rig) with a 2 x 6V batteries.

We plan to sell the bricks and sticks and live in this rig (or it's successor) full time once I retire in a year or so. In the meantime, we'll enjoy it for a weekend or week here and there.

MSHappyCampers 12-05-2015 04:57 PM

Welcome to IRV2! We're sure glad you joined us! :dance:

Good luck, happy trails, and God bless! :thumb::D

denlock 12-05-2015 04:58 PM


Bruce C 12-06-2015 07:16 AM

:welcome: Sounds like you have some great plans. Good luck with them and have safe travels.

hal1phx 12-06-2015 08:39 AM


corriente04 12-06-2015 12:02 PM


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