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Gerryl 01-11-2016 03:46 PM

Years ago I ran onto these Underwater Kinetics pocket lights. I have several of them and always have them in the car and the Motorhome. They are perfect to keep in your pocket without any bulk. :thumb: It also has a neat little clip that you can put on your hat so that it will give you light on what ever you are working on. The Clip is removable and I only use it occasionaly. Underwater Kinetics makes lights for divers, so all their flashlights are waterproof. Just counted--I have 4 flashlights in the car and 5 in the motorhome. We have a number of the flashlights that Costco sold. (takes 3 AAA batteries and is 250 lumens.

But the UKs are my favorite because I always keep one in my pocket when at hunting camp or camping in the motorhome. :thumb:

jondrew55 01-12-2016 03:08 PM

A couple of years ago T mobile and ATT got in a "double your data" war. We signed up for a 15 Gig plan for 4 phones and got 30 gigs for the same price with roll over. We only ran over once because we were on a trip and had 3 people streaming videos over a 5 day period.

And yes, we have tethering!

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