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snowmaker 01-05-2016 05:55 AM


Originally Posted by Bumble (Post 2888034)
[Attachment 115710I also was in the same exact position ,2006 mustang GT convertible ,I did the tow dolly thing ,didn't like towing backwards because of the wind shaking the convertible top and all the stress on the front suspension , and there is no driveshaft disconnect for the GT model ,so I went and bought a new 20 foot car trailer with brakes on both axles and 2 foot dovetail ,easy to load and tows nice

I found a company that installs a disconnect drive shaft from Superior drive line. Simple pull on a knob and your drive shaft is disconnected. Push the knob backing and your drive shaft is engaged ready to roll. Since I already own a car dolly, I'll use this and avoid the expensive tow bar, brackets and breaking system. The drive shaft system installs for around $1300.
Thanks for your input.

38Chevy454 01-05-2016 09:27 AM

I have the old Remco driveshaft disconnect on my 52 GMC pickup. It does allow towing, but the disconnect is not exactly the most convenient. I have trouble to get it to re-engage, since the sliding collar is keyed to keep the u-joints in phase. Most times I just jack it up to slide under (low hot rod truck) and line it up with my hands. Never had good success with the knob to engage. Disengage is easy, it works fine with the knob. The disconnect does work, it just is not the most convenient.

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