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dog walker 01-01-2016 06:14 PM

Drones and RV traveling
I'm really tempted to get one of the new helicopter drones with a high quality camera. Think it would be great to video some of the gorgeous scenery we see while traveling. My wife doesn't like to hike about. Thought this would be good way to "show her the sights". Concerned about the rules using drones in state parks, national parks and other areas. Any drone users out there?

jondrew55 01-01-2016 06:23 PM

Pretty sure drones are banned in national parks. State parks vary. We at Ft Wilderness recently and some guy was flying his drone over the dock area. Being an Orlando resident I know flying drones over Disney property is illegal. No idea if they caught the guy.

I personally own a DJI Phantom 2 that carries a GoPro camera. I have a video link so I can fly the drone looking through the camera with a small monitor or FPV goggles. You can get some great shots with these gizmos and they can be fun to fly. Figure on spending $1000 or more to get going with a decent system.

srrobe 01-01-2016 06:24 PM

Not sure about state parks but in National Parks they are a no no:nonono::nonono:

Us out West 01-01-2016 06:27 PM

Get yourself a good camera and take pics/movies from the ground.

You and your wife will appreciate them more.

UTTransplant 01-01-2016 07:39 PM

Big issues with drones in parks.,all national parks,prohibit them, and state parks are getting the same way. I understand the fun, but they are incredibly invasive with their motor sound in pristine areas. They have also been used to harass wildlife, either on purpose or by accident. I am thrilled the FAA is putting rules on them.

BTW, my last professional job dealt with military UAVs, aka "drones". I respect them, and I just don't think they should be used as toys.

Wayne M 01-01-2016 10:38 PM

As of December 21, 2015, all UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems) need to be registered.
Register UAS
Hefty fines for those who do not register and get caught.

PICDave 01-02-2016 07:07 AM

Drone pilots who have operated their drones prior to 12/21/15 have until 2/19/16 to register their drone(s).
I have 4 DJI Phantoms, P1, P2, and 2P3pros. We drone almost everywhere we RV, and make stunning videos! I used the drone to document a roof defect, which Tiffin rep viewed and now wants a drone!
I am a licensed private pilot, know and respect the FARs and airspace rules. The problem with this rapidly evolving technology is the many people doing irresponsible things with them! Flown considerately and responsibly, they are fabulous! Never fails to be a conversation starter at the RV parks!

wa8yxm 01-02-2016 08:10 AM

More and more drones are being frowned upon both legally (As noted above and I won't add to that) and socially.

Seems some idiots like to fly their drones outside a young lady's bedroom and this causes here father to grab the old family shotgun and blast it which of course is a violation of federal law (Shooting at an aircraft) so just now there is a big legal battle going on between privacy advocates on one side and Drone operators along with the FAA on the other side...

I know you are not going to do as the idiot in the above did. But still, the fallout affects us all. Me. I'd like a drone 'copter but for other reasons than a camer.. i need one to lift and carry a small weight and fish line.

dog walker 01-02-2016 09:08 AM

drones and rv traveling
Thanks everyone for your responses. Lots to consider. Noise is clearly an annoyance to others. Rules probably dictate use only in more remote areas. However, I can see where you would get some amazing shots of spots you would otherwise never see. Maybe I'm just frustrated that I never pursued my pilot's license.

George Schweikle 01-02-2016 11:00 AM

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Generally, I think drones are neat. However, no drones are allowed within 5 miles of an airport. We have an annual Concours d'Elegance across the highway from our local airport. Here's the FAA logo we will post and have on our website.

Madrona 01-02-2016 02:07 PM

I have had a DJI Phantom P2V+ for almost two years. First of all, I detest the term "drone." So many negative connotations. I call it a "Flying Camera" which is exactly what is on the outside of the box it comes in. I take it with us every time we take an RV trip. We are not typical RV'ers. We tend to stay at casino's, Wal-Mart, etc. I have flown it at each casino we have stayed at and that is quite a few. Never a negative comment. I also stop at many pull-outs, overlooks, etc. along the way. I love the way it draws onlookers and people with questions about it. I have tons of great HD video and pictures of our many trips. You do need to fly responsibly but I think even that is dictated by your surroundings. Flying high over a river or lake endangers no one, but I enjoy flying low and slow so as to take in the many picturesque features we find along the way. Here is a too-long video I shot from the Okanogan casino in Okanogan, WA in September of 2014. It's typical of what you can find anywhere except in a big city.

dog walker 01-02-2016 04:26 PM

Very cool video. Maybe I know what to ask for for my birthday! Thanks for the response.

Harry B 01-02-2016 06:26 PM

What resolution does that camera have. Looks great

djbmsu 01-02-2016 06:32 PM

I fly the Inspire 1 And have flown at most every campground we have been in with absolutely no problems or complaints from anyone. I have some stunning pictures and video that we share with family, friends and post on facebook.
Look forward to many more hours of flying and sharing the results.

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