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pasdad1 01-10-2016 07:07 AM

One aspect I haven't heard discussed yet..... You say you have never owned an stands to reason you don't know which floor plan would work well for your family.....this is the perfect reason to rent. If you take several long weekends with a rental unit each time, prior to the 60 day trip, you will get a better idea of which floor plan layouts you prefer.

Also since the 60 day trip is just you and your wife, your needs as a couple are different than a family with young children. Rent the floor plan that will make the most sense for a 60 day trip for just 2 people....

If you decide you want an RV after the children are born, you will most likely want an RV with bunk bed arrangement for the gets old real quick folding out a sofa bed for sleeping every night.

Also with 2 people a one bathroom works okay, but with a larger family, you will most likely want a "bath and a half" plan. Very hard to get a floor plan that works well in all situations without a lot of compromise.

Pullin' Chocks 01-10-2016 07:46 AM

Hello Eon,
2 months is not a long time to do all you want. For me that would be stressful trying to keep on schedule, and that would make it difficult for me to continue having fun. I think your plan sounds great, but your expectations may gitcha. There are going to be problems, and you two will certainly solve each and every one of them. What will be outside your complete control is the schedule on which you reach these resolutions. You will learn so much, you will meet the most fascinating and kind and smart people, and you will visit awesome places. However, be assured things will happen that seem to insist you divert from your plan, and that is in our opinion one of the magnificient things about RVing. You will end up having experiences that you didn't see coming and will be great memories for a long time. Still, planning is a good thing, just know that adjustments along the way are good things, and if you expect this, it will be much easier and even fun and exciting when the time comes. I remind myself often, that we are in the exact right place, experiencing the exact thing we are supposed to experience, which gives us exactly what we need to be who we will become. The main thing in our opinion is to enjoy and have fun, if not what's the point? Enjoy your journey!

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