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JayNewman 02-08-2016 05:32 AM

Soon to be full-timer...
Hello All,

I'm Jay, and I have a Newmar Dutchstar ripening in the factory. On other forums I'm usually called "DangerousThing" ("A little learning is a dangerous thing." - Alexander Pope)

I am 58 years old, and about to become a full-time RV'er with absolutely no experience in the field. I ordered a Dutchstar 4312 because hopefully my girlfriend and her young son will join me in about a year. Until needed, the bunk bedroom will be converted into a small shop for me.

Currently I'm a writer, artist, and maker, but I've also been a lot of things including a caregiver, computer programmer/systems analyst, a robot builder, and I'm working on becoming a photographer and a builder of rolling ball sculptures (marble runs is what I call then, but on YouTube they go by their fancy names) and other kinetic sculptures.

I have plans to wander about the country, checking out science fiction conventions and maker faires when I can, as well as exploring many out-of-the-way museums.

My biggest regret is losing my library, but considering it is measured in tons rather than books, I can't take it all with me. I thought about scanning it all and destroying the books, but that would take too much time. So while I'm packing I'm picking out the best of my books to go with me, and a few for a quick reread and then packing them with the rest for sale. Then selling the house as soon as I can.

The Dutchstar should have the room for all we need.

The first major addition I want to make to my motorhome is to add solar power and lithium batteries. If I could find a way to turn the humidity in the air into usable water, I would. Then I would be a bit more off-the-grid or not as the case may be.

D. Jay Newman AKA DangerousThing

JFNM 02-08-2016 07:13 AM


Howdy and welcome Jay! Congrats on the new DS!

Solar is a truly fantastic thing! It provides all my electrical needs (minus air conditioning which I very rarely need).

When I went full-time I had the same issue with books (and a few other things). I got rid of most of them as I really didn't use them that much. I just did an annual basement cleaning and got rid of another box full of them as they hadn't been touched in the last year. Mostly sentimental value in my case.

Petro 02-08-2016 08:51 AM


We are pleased you joined us. Congratulations on the purchase of your new Dutch Star and your decision to go full time. There is a wealth of info available to you here just by asking. Don't be afraid to ask as our members like to help when they can. Post often and share your new RV adventures with us.


MSHappyCampers 02-08-2016 08:58 AM

Hi Jay! Welcome to IRV2! We're sure glad you joined us! :dance:

Congrats on the new rig! Keep her between the ditches!

Good luck, happy trails, and God bless! :thumb::D

Selah 02-08-2016 09:07 AM

Almost all books can now be purchased in an electronic version and take up virtually no space.
Personally I would not go through the expense of getting Lithium batteries when the coach come with perfectly good batteries to start with. Use them as-is until they are ready to be changed out in a few years. Then go with lithium. Of course by then sodium ion batteries may be available.

TonyDi 02-08-2016 12:04 PM

Hi Jay


Glad to have you here with us.

Congratulation on your new Dutch Star. Welcome to the Newmar family. I hope you're going to love your new coach as much as I love mine. :thumb:

Best of luck and Happy Trails!!!

Bruce C 02-08-2016 02:21 PM


denlock 02-08-2016 04:40 PM


girlkeed 02-08-2016 11:57 PM

Where you from? Welcome!

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