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Jeff753 04-11-2016 05:48 PM

Help removing seat motor from seat base?
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Anyone know how to remove the black three motor assembly to replace it. It has two star screws on the outside and two blue nuts on the other end?
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I got another seat base but for some reason Monaco welded an arm assembly onto the base. Figured I'd swap the motor. My seat stalls when going forward and backwards.
Below is a picture of the old base in the foreground and new base in the background. What is the function of the arm assembly welded on the top and bottom slide of the seat slider?
Attachment 123820

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RustyTools 06-04-2016 01:51 PM


I'm interested too.

Jeff753 06-04-2016 02:47 PM


I have villa seats.

I got a new Adnik seat base with a new motor attached to it. Couldn't find just the motor.

Determined my seat transmission was probably bad. Found out the added metal on the 2001 Adnik seat base was likely to reinforce the seat when the shoulder harness anchor point was moved from the wall to the seat back.

I tried to take the old motor brush head off. Brushes fell out. Tried to reinstall brush head on old motor. Crushed brushes killed old motor.

Tried to swap motor and transmission from new seat to the old seat base (the old one has the added metal bracing). I couldn't get the center transmission rod off the old base. I even removed the retaining clip on the end opposite the motor but couldn't get the center rod out.

Decided to try new motors on old transmission to confirm it was the transmission and not the motor.

Did this by Duck taping new motor brush heads to motor cover on the new seat base and removed brush head on new motor. This way the brushes stay in the proper place.

Put new motors on old seat base transmission. Same problem. It doesn't go front to back unless I push on the seat to help it. That means the old transmission is stuck. Probably petrified grease.

I'm in Goshen now and I am going to take the old and new seat base to villa to see if they can help me swap the transmissions. Going there next week.

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