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Duoglide1 04-17-2016 03:22 PM

I've mainly ran into this issue at rallys In fact at FMCA in Indio this year my unit shut me off several times due to low voltage.

2007 Monaco Executive 45' 525 ISX

PantherJeep 04-17-2016 07:22 PM

Last month while setting up at an older RV park the power pedestal initially showed 120V on both 50A legs, both via multimeter & surge guard (TRC). Five minutes after starting one air conditioner though, the TRC tripped off indicating 141V on L1, 91V on L2, and reversed polarity. :eek: I unplugged, cycled the pedestal breaker, and plugged the TRC back in (with shore cord disconnected), but it still showed the same bizarre high-leg/low-leg/bad polarity power conditions.

Between this and a busted water spigot, I got the park to move me to a different site and had no further problems that weekend. Still, the TRC saved me from some likely unpleasant consequences due to bad power at the podium. :whistling: That's also the first time I've ever seen both high and low voltage concurrently on the same receptacle. :blink:

Hopefully the park's new owners (who had just taken over the park the week before my stay) have since repaired that issue...

palehorse89 04-17-2016 07:27 PM

I have also had a Hughes Autoformer for has served me well and has been a investment for sure.

jacwjames 04-17-2016 07:35 PM

I was staying at an older RV park in Upper Michigan with low voltage problems. As soon as it got warmer out the voltage drop got worse due to the number of people using AC. The parks owners didn't want people running AC but that wasn't really an option.

When my wife showed up in July and it was hot we had to do something so I bought an Autotransformer, it solved the problem for the next 2 months while we were camped there. Still have the autotransformer, works great and we still carry it.

I have since installed a Progressive Surge protector which also protects against low voltage so having the autotransformer is even more of a necessity. I haven't gone through the trouble of hardwiring it though.

powerboatr 04-17-2016 07:44 PM

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I have seen reverse polarity on the display and power will not engage, more than a few times.
two of them i knew were BS as it was at my SB house, right after a HARD rain.
i suspected loose grounds or something in the main on the house.
but almost as soon as it happens, it goes away.
even had power company come look at lines ad transformer. never found anything amiss

but my surge guard has saved us many times
at my sisters house, her husband inadvertently wired the 50 amp wrong and the surge guard refused to accept power, AT ALL. thats when i pulled the box cover and found the problem.
a few summers ago in San Antonio the heat was HOT HOT HOT, even in the shade. A/Cs never really shut off or got a break.
park power teetered in the low range a few times and the power was shut off.
then there was the transfer switch melt down during winter...surge guard saved us again

i cant sing enough praises for the surge guard.

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