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wbrewer 05-22-2016 10:14 AM

American Express Roadside Assistance Program
We have an American Express Platinum card, when I called AMEX this morning to inform them of our travel plans the agent volunteered that our card provides a roadside assistance program that covers our RV in Canada and Alaska.

Does anyone have experience with the AMEX roadside assistance program in Canada or Alaska, particularly along Alcan Highway?

IRV2 members highly recommend Coach Net roadside assistance. Since my call to AMEX I am on the horns of a dilemma, purchase Coach Net or depend on AMEX.

Your comments and recommendation will be greatly appreciated.

LarrytheBear 05-22-2016 10:24 AM

I would want specific info on the Amex roadside assistance program before I make that decision. You need to know what is covered and what is not covered.

JFXG 05-22-2016 10:48 AM

X2 on Larry. Get online or on the phone and learn the details of the Amex service. I'm sure that Amex contracts with some motor club or other vehicle service provider, possibly some of the same vendors used by CoachNet et al. The difference will be in the coverage details.

John & Diane, fulltiming since '12
'02 DS, FL, Cat, '04 Element

sask66 05-22-2016 11:25 AM

Looks like the American Express roadside assistance lines up a tow, gas, battery boost, etc. through a third party. You are responsible for all the costs.

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