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gmcgene 05-30-2016 01:22 AM

Dash a/c-heater blower failure
Is there a fuse for the dash blower motor. On a short drive in the 1998 36 Alpine today the blower stopped working. Hoping for a simple solution.

If there is a fuse, where is it located?
Is the blower motor accessed through the dash or from in front of the fire wall if I have to replace it?

After reading the recent discussion about installing shut off valves in heater hoses I checked mine today. With the dash controls set for cold a/c both of the heater hoses are very warm. So substantial engine coolant is flowing through the heater core when it should not.

Thanks for advice.

Old Scout 05-30-2016 07:53 AM

"Assume" chassis fuses are located in same area for all early Alpines-- check several switched and unswitched fuse boxes, under the dash behind the plastic panels, in front of the passenger seat. Fan is from a mid 90's econoline Ford van--match it at NAPA. Fan is located under dash on interior side of bulkhead, just to the left of the aforementioned fuse boxes. Fan resistor pack is on the opposite side of bulkhead from fuse box location, up under outer cab cowling, below windshield. Based on earlier posts installing valves is probably a good idea but you have to check the short stub hoses between the h-valve control and the core itself. Based on the h-valve design, the hoses between the h-valve and the rear engine will always feel warm under ops.

gmcgene 06-05-2016 08:23 AM

Thanks for the info.
The fan started working again on it's own. And hasn't failed again-yet.
Suspect contacts in the switch, but it could be something else. So I'll wait till it actually breaks before I try to fix it. Hard to find intermittent electrical problems.

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