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MoHoGo 06-21-2016 08:28 AM

Dish or Direct TV Sat -
The Anthem will come with the Traveler for Direct TV. At the time of delivery I can have this changed over to Dish. Just wondering if all that have been through this before have any opinion on which is the simplest, most cost effective and has the best service.

We will be fulltime and have never used either service. The cost of the change over is about 300 dollars.



Armye7 06-21-2016 08:49 AM

I would go with Dish, they are are more RV friendly. We had Direct and anytime we called them they acted like an RV was from another planet. Dish customer service is 100% better. IMO.

DoggieDaddy 06-21-2016 09:22 AM

We have Dish and they have made it very easy to change our service address to get the local stations where ever we are. When we had Direct with our old coach they would not allow us to change the service address so when we were out of our home state we had to rely either broadcast or cable for local news, weather, and etc.

Triker56 06-21-2016 09:26 AM

For Full Time use DirecTV will be best for you. Hope the Trav'ler is a SWM and you can sign up with DirecTV for a Genie HR54 that can record 5 programs at the same time and receive HD and 4K. And can send programs wireless to your other TV's.

Also with DTV since you will be traveling, sign up for DNS that gives you CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, CW and PS anywhere you travel and not miss any network programs scheduled to record. With DNS no need to call in and change your location for locals. And YES DTV will and does change locals.
Just call their mobile customer service for that.

I have had DTV before and since I went Full Time in 1999. And I have never had any problems with customer service anytime I have ever needed to call them.

The satellites 99/101/103 are much closer together then the Dish satellites with their wide spread and even different ones for the East or West coast.

Close together will make it easier to get in tree areas. And you save the extra $$$ it would cost to convert the Trav'ler to a Dish. That is a no brainer to start with. :)

Les1951 06-21-2016 09:41 AM

In my new Anthem I was quoted $850 to change from the Traveler Direct to Dish...We chose to change our home service and our coach to Direct and are happy with the move...

lowejug 06-21-2016 09:41 AM

They both have there issues ..
I think consistent tv viewing in a motorhome bouncing around the country is pain in the but. Personally Rv parks with cable tv have been the best for us as satellite and antenna tv is always a challenge and time consuming deal. Jmo

brobox 06-21-2016 10:10 AM

Our Entegra came with a Traveler for DISH when we were told it would be DIRECT. Waiting for delivery, we switched the house account to DIRECT with a 2 year contract. When the MH arrived it had a DISH so we left it. Glad I did, my contract is up with DIRECT and we will be switching back. Not a fan of DIRECT since AT&T took over...lots of billing problems.

I left DISH on the MH as we could do pay-as you-go and I owned the receiver.

Hogdriver did a post on switching the Traveler over and the cost was about $300.

classicalgas 06-21-2016 10:47 AM

I have DirecTv, but I have 2 S&B homes - so, I just move the receiver back and forth which works fine. On the other hand if I was going full-time in the RV then Dish sounds like it is the better choice.

MoHoGo 06-21-2016 01:30 PM


Entegra does not indicate that the Traveler is SWM. Will need to confirm that with them, but I would be less than impressed if it was not.

Thanks for the info, wireless to the other TV's in the MH is interesting. Hopefully I can find a sales rep for DTV that knows what I need.



loisjop 06-21-2016 02:30 PM


Originally Posted by MoHoGo (Post 3125808)

Entegra does not indicate that the Traveler is SWM. Will need to confirm that with them, but I would be less than impressed if it was not.

Thanks for the info, wireless to the other TV's in the MH is interesting. Hopefully I can find a sales rep for DTV that knows what I need.



Yes it is SWM. Noel

bullydogs1 06-21-2016 02:47 PM

Mine had the factory installed Direct..they switched it over to Dish no problem and for locals, I just do a scan with my 211K boxes...and it adds the locals right into the guide and the drive I plug in for DVR can DVR them...pretty decent now that I have a front/rear DVR and I can get either one....Note that with Hopper I'd have to switch house and leaving it as it works, so I am not fixing it. That's bit me in the rear end more times than I can count

Gary.Jones 06-21-2016 02:55 PM

The Trav'ler on an Entegra is definitely the SWM model.... I think that is all there is in a DirecTV Trav'ler. We have Dish at home and hesitated going with Direct but went ahead and got it. We are now happy with it. My coach is a 44B and all the electronics in a 44B are above the fireplace in a very small cabinet..... the last thing that I would want to do is to have to move my DVR and receiver out of the house and into the coach and reverse every time that I wanted to take a trip in the Anthem..... so moving equipment was a non-starter for me. Now if you search, you will find several RANTS from me about how difficult it is to get network TV stations while traveling across the country when using DirecTV. Although there are people on here who will swear they have no trouble getting network channels moved from city to city, this became a near-cardiac-attack-generating disagreement with customer service :banghead: every time I wanted to switch to new local network channels (once you go out of the "spot beam" (roughly 300 miles), you will get no local channels and have to update your location, county, zip code). What the DW and I tend to watch on TV is 50/50 satellite and network and we like to see it every day even if at a WalMart or truck-stop on a quick overnight stop. So, after pulling out a lot of hair with them, I finally succumbed to advice I received on here and that was a unique feature of Direct that costs $15 a month extra.... and that was to get DNS service..... you either get all your network channels out of LA or you get all your network channels out of NYC. So, you never get the Denver networks unless you do it on the direct antenna. However, EVERY TIME you put up the sat antenna, you get all the major networks and you get all the sat channels that you pay for, all via the satellites with no phone calls to Direct, no screaming matches with the bone-heads who first answer the phone and don't know the difference between a mobile home and a motorhome (not many of them do)(not funny!!!!) and other horrors. I can't tell you how strongly I recommend paying the additional money and getting either LA or NYC DNS service. Since I switched, no phone calls to "Customer Service" :eek::eek::eek:


dexters 06-21-2016 03:17 PM

You may want to forget both and go with Sling TV.

Gary.Jones 06-21-2016 03:19 PM

You better have a very large and formidably expensive broadband account, or one of those precious unlimited accounts that they dont give anyone anymore, if it is what I think you are suggesting.


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