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TVforMyRV 07-08-2016 07:52 AM


Originally Posted by Podivin (Post 3149387)
Don, those are much less 'frantic', thank you!
By my very unscientific method of looking at the clock on my PC it looks like they refresh about every 4 seconds, that's a nice improvement over the others.
I agree with northermark, this is a good site to see the ads on because they are directly related to things I'm interested in, if not actively looking for.

Hmm. Not sure why they would be refreshing. They are single fixed images. There are two slightly different images, but my understanding is the iRV2 ad server randomly chooses which one you see, but should not rotate them while you are on a page.

BlueMoose105 07-08-2016 11:49 AM

FYI, here is a link to a short video of the TV For My RV ad that I just captured:

TVforMyRV 07-08-2016 12:08 PM


Originally Posted by BlueMoose105 (Post 3151274)
FYI, here is a link to a short video of the TV For My RV ad that I just captured:

Ah, OK. I thought the issue was with the large banner at the top of the forum...

TVforMyRV 07-08-2016 12:31 PM

I changed the refresh speed so it should only update at half the previous rate. If you read fast, you'll never see the other frames...

sdennislee 07-08-2016 12:57 PM


Originally Posted by sdennislee (Post 3150715)
Nicely done :thumb:

My comment was for the banner at the top

BlueMoose105 07-09-2016 12:55 PM

Just noticed a page banner ad for for the Maximum Signal cellular booster, and it is static, not 'blinky'.

Personally, I was never bothered by any of the 'blinky' ads, but I agree that they should be slowed to about 4-5 seconds. The advertisers are just trying to include as much information about their products and services as possible. And if I am interested in what they are advertising, I don't want to spend more than 20-30 seconds reading their full ad.

NLOVNIT 07-10-2016 07:52 PM

I can understand why some businesses use the obnoxious, rapidly blinking ads. Those types of ads are aimed at people who are surfing webpages, often spending only a couple seconds on any one page before moving on. Businesses have to get your attention, before you change pages, in the hopes you'll click & eventually buy.

That's not the case on iRV2. Many of us spend a great deal of time on just one page - especially if we're reading an entire thread & our posts per page is set to 50. I know I can easily spend 30 minutes on just 1 page if I'm researching a Reported Post & trying to figure out when the discussion went haywire/got derailed & what to do about it. In these cases, there's no need for some blinky ad screaming "LOOK! LOOK! LOOK!" every second. There's already a built-in market here so there isn't a reason to annoy us with blinkies.

We thank those that tone it down....& may possibly buy from you because of doing that.


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