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Dennis Dean 07-23-2016 08:51 AM

I read somewhere that there is a formula to figure out the over axel weight on the dolly but cant find it. I do know my vehicle sticker says 2750LBs, I assume that's dry and no cargo. I weighted my RV with tow package and the Bikes, dolly and Elantra is 3200Lbs. I would be really surprised if I had more than 2000Lbs on my dolly axel. I do know I towed my moms RAV4 from OKC to FL and back, it is around 3600Lbs and it was definitely a different feel on the Dolly behind my coach. No problems but I could feel the difference in the drive on the trip. No issues with the tires still tho and they look like new still, for the most part. I also run my TPMS on my Toad and Dolly, 80PSI and have not observed any unusual temps. I think about 125 is the highest I have seen on the Dolly temps. They pretty much match my rear duels on the coach and maybe run a few degrees hotter but not much that I have noticed.

Robf 07-24-2016 10:58 AM


Originally Posted by Waiter21 (Post 3174766)
Rob, I tow a Camry with mine, its probably about the same weight as yours. (Camry is 3,300 lbs empty)

Do you recall the circumstances prior to the blowout, i.e. mountains, hills, speed, etc??

I mention this because I installed TPMS transmitters inside the Acme wheels (and the back wheels of the Camry) and monitor both pressure and internal temperature of the dolly and Camry tires while towing.

I start with 85 psi (cold sitting all night) in the Acme tires.

In the worst case I've seen to date, I was descending a very long steep mountain east of Phoenix on US 60 (Globe AZ). While traveling in the summer, the tire pressure usually hangs around 95 - 100 psi while traveling but had climbed to 110 psi. The internal temperature usually hangs around 150 - 160, but was approaching 200 deg.

I pulled off the road, I could put my hand on the tire and the wheel, They felt very warm, but not hot. (rubber doesn't conduct heat very well)

I attribute the temperatures to the braking required from the Acme dolly coming down the long steep incline.

If these tires get low on air pressure, they will heat up very fast.

Transmitters are a great idea, I will look into that..... I was going about 45 coming out of a small town, it was about 95 deg outside, nothing out of the ordinary. I am thinking I may have hit something or lost pressure and the tire heated up ? could have been a bad tire ? but I changed it and drove another 6 hours as the day heated up and had no problems !!!!

panthercity 08-27-2016 12:06 PM

Just a note about tire age. Read the mfg date cast into the sidewall of the tire to see how old it REALLY is. Regardless of where you bought it, it may well have been sitting in a warehouse, or cargo hold, for quite a while before you got it.

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