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Tedpacearrow 08-16-2016 11:15 PM

1990 pace arrow battery disconnect issues
Hi I am new to this site I would just like to say thank you in advance for any help or knowledge you make be able to give me.
My wife and I just bought this 1990 pace arrow last fall p-30 chassis 454ci engine 34' everything was good but the main (chassis) battery was weak I actually had it run dead on me twice. Once at the gas station on the way home from camping.
So I decided enough was enough I was going to change the battery so I went and bought a new one put it in and I thought all was good until one day I went to start it this spring (it haven't sat that long without starting maybe a couple weeks) anyway there was nothing. No power on the key. I had both the battery disconnect switches on they are above the door inside main (chassis) and aux (house) I have discovered that much about them anyway. I figured out there was no power getting through the disconnect I jumped it over the solenoid or relay or whatever they are called and it started no.problem with a turn of the key. I then went and bought a new battery disconnect put it on a there it was! Started right up no problem I had fixed that problem I had thought except now I finally realized I had created two more problems. First one was there is no power to the house lights or anything in the back from the main battery now (it doesn't read on the monitor ether) and also when I hit the switch it does not cut power to the starter or the dash ether though when I put my meter on the load side of the disconnect (the one I just replaced) it is turning off and on. Why does it not kill the power to the starter then? Where is it getting power from? Why is there no power getting to the house lights from the main battery? (Aux batteries and disconnect all seem to work fine) Aaaaah aaaaah this thing is driving me crazy

OLYLEN 08-17-2016 09:08 AM

Kind of from the hip, but power to the starter is dirrect, the chassis solenoid will not handle the start load. But will handle the ignition power to run the starter solenoid. As to the second problem I suspect the same as the first, maybe coincidently, but if one solenoid was bad at this age the other could be also.


Tedpacearrow 08-18-2016 11:51 AM

First of all thank you for your reply to my problem I wondered about the other solenoid but then I thought if that one were stuck then because it starts and has power to the key then it should also have power to the house from the chassis battery too that is what kind of stumped me.

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