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DC0046 08-17-2016 07:25 PM

Help, headlight problems
Have a 2014 Winebago 31KE. Low beam headlights work fine. When I switch to high beams, the headlights go completely out. I don't lose any other lights on the coach. Suggestions greatly appreciated.

KoolBell 08-17-2016 07:28 PM

Several things to check. If you are handy with a multimeter, check to see if there is 12v power supplied to the high beam when it's demanded

If your RV has separate lamps/bulbs for the high beam, they may not be plugged in

beyond that, you may need to have it checked out by a pro.

Dutch Master 08-17-2016 08:06 PM

Hello DC0046
I had to look online to determine what your coach looks like, since I have a Newmar. From what I saw, the high beams are controlled from the traditional Ford "stalk" on the steering wheel. This is merely a switch for a high current relay, since high beams do require a substantial amount of current. This leads me to determine which component is causing the problem.
1. Fuse
2. Relay
3. Switch (in the steering column)

Since this is a fairly new coach, I would call Winnie Industries up and find out where the fuse and relay are located. The relay could have become loose. Beyond this, a little electrical knowledge is necessary with a good volt meter. The easiest way to determine if the column switch is working is to measure the voltage for the coil of the relay. This would require a couple of wires inserted into the socket of the relay and switch the high beam on an off. If no voltage is present, then the column switch must be replaced. This requires to pull the steering wheel. If this is beyond your capability, you will need to get it into a shop.

Best Regards
Dutch Master

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