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ernest917 10-23-2016 10:31 PM

Both - but I NEVER fry anything in my coach......

Scatterbrain 10-24-2016 04:31 AM

100% inside on my gas stove. My range vent goes outside so I don't have to worry about the smoke just be recirculated through the cabin. Turn the Fantastic Fan on to pull fresh air into the coach, let the vent push smokey air out of the coach. Growing up in wetlands areas on the east coast, I have developed a strong phobia of biting insects, and their ability to ruin an otherwise nice evening.
Where I'm from going outside in the late afternoon to evening is something like this:

I'm still getting used to the lack of mosquitoes out here, but I think I'll keep cooking inside anyhow.

mikensallyt 10-24-2016 05:31 AM

About half and half. There's just something about grilling outside though. Note: there's no better smell though than maple bacon inside or out.

RV_Fan33 10-24-2016 08:46 AM

Most meals usually prepared inside, but all the grilling is done outside, as long as the weather permits it!

redsucker 10-24-2016 03:36 PM


Originally Posted by quadder (Post 3298868)
We yanked our outside TV as soon as we got the bus home from the dealer. I installed a sound bar, and shelves to hold all of the cooking stuff that we usually use. Then I ran a quick connect to the passenger side for propane, to connect to the BBQ and portable fire pit.
So yes, we do almost all of our cooking outside.

Interesting idea-would you happen to have pics; might do something similar

AggieDad 10-28-2016 09:11 AM

We don't cook much. The microwave is our friend, and a fridge with a huge freezer would be heaven.

And being "of an age," we find that restaurant meals are often more than we can eat, so take home boxes mean prepared meals.

If we do cook anything outside it will be steaks or chops on the George Foreman.

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