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6Kampers 06-22-2017 12:46 PM

Thanks Glenn -- we head to Anchors Down tomorrow (after a 2 night stop @FortBoonesborough) ... Thanks for the heads up on dining.

We go to Mounds a lot, I have a 21' boat and Mounds is perfect for us as long. As we get a shaded site!! Gets hot quick - my next trailer will have 2 ACs

If I don't go diesel soon, I'll let warranty run out then get the tunes for sure!

6Kampers 06-28-2017 04:24 PM

2nd long haul ... Cincy -> Lexington (Fort Boonesborough) -> Gatlinburg (Anchors Down) & Back to Cincy... #650 miles and again 8.3mpg --

BUT...... the wife fell in love with 'll the 5th wheels at Anchors down!! Search is on for F350 dually --

Rednax 08-05-2017 10:18 AM


Originally Posted by CMelder (Post 3656025)
Hi Rednax! Sorry, guess I didn't state it very clear. What I mean is my "penalty percentage" for my truck pulling my trailer could be very different than anyone else's penalty percentage. If I change trailers chances are the percentage will change as well. Many variables come into play like ever changing road conditions, wind, no wind, inclines, declines, traffic, etc., so in my humble opinion the "penalty percentage" would be ever changing, and unless you can repeat the run with the exact conditions with & without the RV then you're probably chasing your tail.
On another subject, I'm not in the habit of measuring my "total stopping distance" at any speed, nor do I know anyone that does. Could be some folks out there that do I suppose. Guess one could go to the old Beeville Naval Air Station and do some testing there.

The percentage penalty is aerodynamic. It doesn't change under fixed conditions.

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