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VinceAndPam 07-22-2017 07:17 AM

Coleman/Mach AC Mods
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I'd like to share a mod that I came up with that really improves the air flow of the Coleman/Mach AC units in my Thor Hurricane (this mod was also done on my previous RV).

Problem: Not enough air flow coming out of the AC unit. The Coleman/Mach units in my RV have the sliding vents on the ends of the ceiling assembly and don't allow enough air flow.

Solution: If you take the ceiling assembly off, the AC unit will almost knock you down with the amount of air it moves with the assembly removed. On a hot day, the AC just can't seem to move enough air to keep the unit cool, but if you remove the ceiling assembly, it will practically freeze you out. So my mod was to install this rotating register that you can open and close as needed. $14.71 on Amazon. These help the AC move a lot more air as it installed right where the fan is producing the most downward force. There are only four screws that hold the assembly in place, so it's easy to remove. I traced out the vent on the ceiling assembly and then used a 3/8" drill to create a hole on the edge of the cutout. That allowed me to then insert a jigsaw with a metal blade (cuts the plastic better) into the 3/8" hole and cut the circle out. The new vent attaches with 4 screws that are hidden when the vent insert is popped into place. Looks factory when you're done. Between this mod and changing the factory analog wall thermostats with digital thermostats (a direct wire for wire replacement is available on Amazon search for Coleman 83303862 Digital Thermostat), my rig now cools great. We spent a week in Florida last month and we set the thermostats to 70 degrees and it stayed between 69 and 71 the entire time.

Just search Amazon for JR Products ACG25DPW-A Polar White Adjustable Ceiling Vent.

baloo 07-22-2017 07:56 AM

Good post. Thanks.

Glenn2 07-22-2017 06:39 PM

You had the same symtoms as I do have. Went out and took the cover off my front air conditioner and you are right. That's where all the cool air has been hiding. I have an warranty appointment for the air conditioner this coming Tuesday for the same issues. Probably will be a waste of time.

Thank you for you great input.

Glenn2 07-22-2017 10:05 PM

I did order the parts you listed in your post...

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