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C.Martin 12-17-2017 01:26 PM

Brake Controller - Freightliner Chassis
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Etrailer recently started carrying a new proportional electronic brake controller.

I had been putting off installing a controller because I donít regularly tow a trailer with electric or electric/hydraulic brakes. I also couldnít really think of a place to mount the that it wouldnít stick out like a sore thumb.

This new brake controller can be fastened to the front bulkhead behind the steering column...and comes with a cord that communicates with the dial type control head. The control head can be mounted to your panel wherever you like.

My chassis already had a pigtailed harness hanging down behind the steering colum (photo). So itís as easy as four wires, four screws, two small holes drilled into the dash for the control head...and youíre done.

Thought Iíd pass on the info in case someone is out there dreading the installation of a brake controller. I think this unit is going to be an easy project.

Norm Mac 12-18-2017 06:13 AM

I received this notice from eTrailer also. I love the concept of this new unit. We are currently using the Tekonsha Prodigy which works perfectly but I don't like the installation location, this new "Button Only" concept is awesome. Let us know if it works, I am going to wait several months until there are some customer reviews of the product and then make a decision.

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