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pduggs 06-27-2018 06:12 AM


Originally Posted by Maggiedad (Post 4260419)
FWIW, long string with lots of good ideas so I thought I would throw our experience in.

We bought a 2002 Monaco Dynasty with tag axle for it's great build quality, all steel monocoque construction, 10 bag air-ride and much more. Our rig was very clean and presentable on the outside, but needed a facelift inside, so we pretty much gutted it, leaving just the solid cherry cabinets, and put in cherry floors, all new stainless appliances including residential fridge, wainscot, new wallpaper, all LED lighting, faucets, cedar closet lining and more. Also replaced both ac units, fans, inverter (went to pure sine wave), tire minder system, and other stuff I cant remember at the moment. Of course we had to put in a satellite dish, electric fireplace and big screen TV mounted on an electric lift that hides behind the fireplace when not in use.

Also reupholstered the captains chairs and all of the window surrounds.

My favorite mod was to remove the original shower and install new solid surface walls and base, Grohe control, and new door. In the process, I found that I could run the drain plumbing UNDER the coach floor with the use of a waterless trap, lowering the shower base to floor level and picking up 11 inches of headroom!

We love the rig, as it has performed very well, drives great, and was affordable. With all mods, we are in at under $100K.

Bottom line, if you feel handy and want to end up with a great modernized coach on a budget, consider a Monaco Dynasty, Exec or Sig in the 2002 - 2005 range. The are built like a brick house!

Wow! You have done a great deal.

Any chance you could post a thread with pics, showing what you have done to the interior? I am certain many here would find it of interest. I know I would.

Pusherpilot 06-27-2018 07:19 AM

We have a 04 HR Imperial. Purchased new in 04. It now has 125k miles on it with little or no engine chassis issues. The house is another can of worms fer sure! We later learned that prior to 04 Imperials and Windsors were built on semi-monocoque Roadmaster chassis. This allows more chassis flex (twist) which has loosened up most everything in the coach that is attached to the sidewalls. Another feature is the tendency to break windshields due to the twisting. We are currently on our 5th windshield due to that kind of breakage. the insurance company has informed us that they will no longer replace them until we have it fixed at a competent shop. Neither "fix" or "competent" has been defined for me. Also watch for a paint defect. It happens on black or dark color paint on the sidewalls only. does not happen on end caps or compartment doors. It is due to the fiberglass out gassing and the only known permanent fix is to reskin the coach. Monaco did this for a few hi-end owners but refused to do it for us and many others. As I get it, Monaco got a large settlement from the fiberglass mfgr, Owens Corning, I think, but did not simply pass it on to the customers. Their best final offer was to give us a $30k discount off MSRP on a new coach.
The up side is it is a really great coach to drive and does very well in the wind. Great performance from the ISL 400. I can drive it all day and not be fatigued and did it once on an emergency trip from Oregon to Mo. There seems to be many older Monaco produced rigs out there that are in virtually pristine condition that I'd buy tomorrow, knowing what I know now about them.

mydogmax 06-27-2018 02:23 PM

Ours a 2005 Windsor, Im 6'2 and have plenty of room height wise! No def, single rear axle.

Maggiedad 06-28-2018 07:12 AM


Originally Posted by astrnmrtom (Post 4261088)
It's been mentioned in one posting already but I thought I'd mention it again. If considering a 2002-2004 Monaco be sure to google "Monaco Trailing arm recall" and read up on what models have defective trailing arms. These arms can crack separating the axle from the frame which is not a good thing to have happen when traveling down the road.

Here is the link for the Roadmaster trailing arm recall:

It does not affect the larger 8 and 10 bag coaches.

Maggiedad 06-28-2018 07:14 AM


Originally Posted by pduggs (Post 4261215)
Wow! You have done a great deal.

Any chance you could post a thread with pics, showing what you have done to the interior? I am certain many here would find it of interest. I know I would.

Thanks Pduggs, I will try to get some pictures when the coach isn't "loaded for the road" and post some commentary. It was quite a project, but we are very happy with the results.

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