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JasonOwens 03-25-2018 06:53 PM

Magnum Power Inverter has stopped inverting power
When hooked to shore power or generator is running no power is going to batteries.

MisterT 03-25-2018 07:02 PM

you'll have to elaborate, since your headline and your posts don't seem to make sense together....

- is the Inverter ON?
- what do you mean by 'no power is going to the batteries'? do you mean 'CHARGING' the batteries? Is the Charger ON?
- if you have a Magnum ME-RC control panel, with a SHORE button, what number is it set to?

JasonOwens 03-25-2018 07:09 PM

When hooked to shore power the batteries continue to drain lower and lower. Inverter was on and charger was on. Now inverter panel is dead no power. Canít see display.

JasonOwens 03-25-2018 07:11 PM

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MisterT 03-25-2018 07:13 PM

is the Shore power actually ON? or tripped?
has a main breaker in your coach tripped?

YC1 03-25-2018 07:14 PM

Welcome to the forum.

If this is a new to you RV then the learning curve will be very steep but you have come to a great forum.

Look for a switch near the entry that turns on the "house lights". Often this switch must be on for the batteries to charge. Go figure that one.

aether_one 03-25-2018 07:16 PM

So your charging system was not working.
and now your batteries are dead.
Inverters "invert" 12 VDC to 120 VAC.
Some inverters also have charging capability.

You should have turned your inverter off when you discovered your charger was not working.

Your Inverter should not be needed when connected to shore power or running the generator.

Now, why was your charger not working? Was the breaker tripped?

JasonOwens 03-25-2018 07:16 PM

Everything is on. It started flickering. I flipped the coach disconnect a few times and power came back on but would go off again. The disconnect kept kicking off power but appeared to be on but continued to loose power

JasonOwens 03-25-2018 07:29 PM

So my coach disconnect switch will not stay on/green light?

luvlabs 03-25-2018 07:34 PM

First off, make ,model, and year of your coach? Next, what brand of charger/inverter - Xantrex or Magnum? And finally, what does the inverter display say?

Your picture needs to be rotated.

twinboat 03-25-2018 07:34 PM

You sent a picture. Do you see CB 3 . That is a circuit breaker.

Have you tried pushing that in, it looks like its popped out.

JasonOwens 03-25-2018 07:43 PM

Twinboat you are the man!! I never saw that! It is fixed!!! Thank you so much!!! Love this forum!!

twinboat 03-25-2018 08:59 PM

No problem, glad its working for you.

You must have turned on or plugged in something that overloaded that breaker. Maybe a portable heater or large coffee maker. There should be outlets, not on that circuit, that you can use.

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