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DriVer 10-27-2008 09:24 AM


<span class="ev_code_RED">RV Buddies Awards
Damon Avanti
2009 Coach of the Year

North Hollywood, CA, October 27, 2008 -- After an extensive tour and review of all of the products presented at the 56th Annual California Recreational Vehicle show, RV Buddies is proud to announce the "Damon Avanti" as the "2009 RV Buddies Coach of the Year".

This is the first year RV Buddies - an RV and product review, lifestyle and adventure show - has begun giving awards recognizing the best in the RV industry. An in-depth video segment is currently in post-production on the Avanti. RV Buddies can be found on the internet at

"Not since Winnebago introduced the 'View / Navion' in the 2006 model year has our industry seen a product this revolutionary" says Mark Summers, Host and Executive Producer for RV Buddies. "The Damon Avanti – which features the new Workhorse W16D chassis – is a revolution in engineering that will be the foundation that helps define the 'shape and design' protocol for the next decade". It is the first of a generation of new chassis products from Workhorse.

Damon and Workhorse have worked closely over the last two years in developing this exciting new product. It is rare to see a company bragging about being is shorter in height and length, narrower in width, and boasting only one slide. In spite of what would normally be considered negatives, the coach maintains incredible room space and storage areas

The new Workhorse W16D has a lot of history built into its' foundation. The Workhorse engineers have built upon the foundation of their past experiences and this chassis is newly tooled from the ground-up. Powered by the MaxxForce™ 5 V6 diesel engine, the coach delivers up to an incredible 70% improvement in fuel economy. In tests with the Avanti, initial numbers show an astounding 14.5 MPG! Other big-chassis features include 19.5" truck-rated tires, Allison transmission, and high performance Brembo® 4-wheel disc brakes with WABCO® ABS.

The Avanti boasts European aerodynamic styling and full body paint with beautiful graphics - as standard features. In spite of the small package, the coach still features bus-style storage, and in the rear – an amazing "garage space. Although the garage space is not designed for vehicles, it still affords more than enough storage for the most demanding pack-rat.

Interior styling is sophisticated and smart. Cabinets are curved. Floors are laminated for easy cleaning. The dash feels like it was styled by an auto-maker (a nice departure!). Above the driver's compartment, a drop-down bed adds a comfortable sleeping area similar to a Class C without taking away from livable space during the day. The dining table expands in size opposite a lounge – both comfortable viewing of the standard HDTV. An innovative galley features European appliances. The toilet room is separate with a unique door - that when opened - blocks the hallway to create a large bath area opposite the comfortable shower with glass door and skylight. Aft is the queen bed, on an elevated platform with even more storage underneath.

"There were many other coaches debuting at the show,"¯ Summers noted, "but Avanti stood out above all of them."¯ It is a good year buy and RV. All the manufacturers have been doing their homework and listening and their designs and innovations reflect their efforts."¯

Worthy of honorable mention is Winnebago's 34Y. It is offered as the "Winnebago Journey"¯ or "Itasca Meridian."¯ This compact diesel offers a spacious layout with a unique floor plan. It is ideal for extended travel and offers the space of coaches much longer. Show guests were pleased to see an offering of this kind in a more space efficient package.

In an upcoming episode, RV Buddies will be featuring an exclusive interview with Bob Tiffin, founder of Tiffin Motorhomes. Mr. Tiffin has defined the meaning of quality and customer service in the RV industry. Additional episodes will feature a sneak peek at all the coaches we reviewed at the show and a "Digital HDTV" segment with expert Jim Flynn of Winegard, who puts so many questions to bed about the transition from analog to digital television.

kampingkeith 11-07-2008 05:40 PM

We have the Winnebago Journey 34Y on our lot. If my wife was ready to go full-time now, this would be our coach!

DriVer 11-07-2008 07:09 PM

The public is starting to express their desire for shorter wheelbase motorhomes with lots of room, great styling and colors along with an affordable price. I don't think that this trend is going to change very soon. I saw the 34Y in Forest City this summer. Full wall slide on a short wheelbase - sweet!

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