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hiatt.john.r 07-12-2018 10:12 AM

Vintage Holiday Rambler Axle Questions/Concerns - Help
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So, I picked up an old beauty of a 1978 Holiday Rambler Presidential 3000 Series 33 from a family member.

She's been sitting for only about 5 or so years. I'm looking at going up to Illinois from Georgia to go get her and bring her down here so I can start the renovation on her.

I plan to put new tires on her as the old ones are checked and I don't see them making the trip safely.

From what I understand there's 2 shocks, not leaf springs, electric drum brakes, and an automatic stabilization control system on her.

I'll be in the area for another trip in a couple weeks and want to take a look at things to see what needs replaced to tow her 900 miles safely.

Does anybody know where I may find replacement parts for things like: rubber bushing on drop axles, shocks/dampers, etc???

Holiday Rambler cust. support sent me here. The current parent company didn't have ownership until the 90's so they're not much help.

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide!Attachment 210640

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SmokeyWren 07-12-2018 11:34 AM

As a minimum. in addition to trailer tires, check the trailer brakes to be sure they still work as designed. If the brakes don't work then I would probably just replace the axle assemblies with new axles, including electric brakes. Dexter axle probably makes the axles that will fit your trailer, but you must measure the length of the axle to be sure you replace them with the correct length of axles.
Dexter Axle

If the brakes work fine, then I would remove the wheels and hubs and repack the wheel bearings by hand. Be sure and use only very high quality wheel bearing grease, not ordinary grease gun grease. You can use a bearing packer gizmo, but do not rely on simply using a grease gun. Here's my wheel bearing hand packer gizmo:

Most auto parts stores should have at least one version of a wheel bearing packer in stock if you don't want to order over the internet.

You won't need a gizmo like that one if you know how to use just your hands to get all the old grease out of the inside of the bearings and replace it with new high-quality wheel bearing grease. But we're talking about getting ALL the old grease out of the bearings. On a 40-year old trailer, that may be impossible to accomplish, so you may need to replace the bearings with new ones, then hand-pack the new bearings. Take the old bearings to an auto parts store and they should be able to match the old bearings with new ones.

With new tires pumped up to the max PSI on the sidewall, good trailer brakes and good wheel bearings hand packed with new high-quality wheel bearing grease, you should be ready to go.

Then after you get it home, you'll be ready for the joys of maintaining a 40-year old TT. You may need to replace or overhaul the AC, hot water heater, water pump, cooktop and oven, holding tank(s), water and gas lines, propane tanks, power supply control box. etc., etc. :dance:

Skip426 07-12-2018 11:36 AM

Welcome to iRV2. :flowers:

Tires, checking brake operation and a wheel bearing re-pack; checking/repairing all the lights . Should get you mobile.
Short of an actual part number for the shocks , removing one and taking it to a local auto parts store for measurements will get you replacements.
Mount bushings for the torsion axles could be a real problem, hopefully the manufacturer is still in business .
JMHO: Although the exposed portion is weather damaged the actual bushing should be good to get you home.

EDIT: I see there has been another post while I was typing ; sorry for the duplication.

SmokeyWren 07-14-2018 08:43 AM


Originally Posted by Skip426 (Post 4287492)
Short of an actual part number for the shocks , removing one and taking it to a local auto parts store for measurements will get you replacements.

I doubt those are simple shock absorbers. Probably some sort of a strut. I've never heard of anything being suspended by shocks without some sort of stronger suspension component such as springs or struts or torsion bars.

tderonne 07-14-2018 10:07 AM

I had a 1977 Holiday Rambler motorhome with a tag axle. It looked a lot like your pictures. It was made by Mor-Ryde and had rubber springs between the tires. Mor-Ryde still exists and are very helpful. Google Mor-Ryde tag axle images and see if thatís what you have.

tderonne 07-15-2018 07:05 PM

Vintage Holiday Rambler Axle Questions/Concerns - Help

On my phone. Not sure if that copied right. Itís an ad mentioning the MOR/Ryde suspension on Holiday Rambler trailers.

So yes, check between your tires for the rubber shear springs.

Rednax 07-17-2018 08:32 PM

MOR/ryde (correct spelling) has much of the vintage pieces in stock for several old designs.

Very highly rated shop. I think I wouldn’t move that TT until I consulted them. Not every hard piece may be available. Would hate to do damage naively.

Avion also used MR in a Hendrickson rocking beam configuration approx 1969-1976.

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