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flipper123 09-07-2018 06:14 PM

Dometic 1350 Fridge Problems
The fridge is a full size 4 door fridge. I ran the fridge on may24 weekend for 4 days and it was fine, then July 1 weekend for 5 days and it ran fine, then on aug 1 weekend is when I had problems. The top display would not light up and the fridge would start on propane and run for 5 minutes and stop. The inside light would also work for 5 minutes and go out. I tried it on 110 volts and it did the same thing. I tried it the next day and the display worked the freezer went to -20 and the fridge was at +39. It ran for 8 hours and the display light started flashing and in 20 minutes it stopped working again. Then when i tried to start it up again it ran for 5 minutes and no display. The fridge is about 2 years old and a factory second but it has been running fine. The battery is a new deepcell with 12.8 volts. I am wondering could it be the controller board on the bottom of the fridge. Any ideas and expertise would be appreciated. Oh yes we have the fridge at our cottage on an island 15 miles from shore so not able to get a tech to come look at it. I am going to try to fix it myself with your help if possible. PLEASE HELP !

Ray,IN 09-07-2018 07:10 PM

Go to and select the service manual for your specific Dometic refrigerator. I contains all the information required to diagnose the problem, then repair that malfunction.

Old-Biscuit 09-07-2018 08:41 PM

Fridge requires 12V DC in order to function on propane or electric.

You are losing the DC to fridge----lack of display, intermittent interior light, propane failing. electric nt working etc

Your battery may be good but the DC connection at terminal on backside of fridge in outside compartment may be loose, DC fuse connection on lower circuit board could be loose, loss of ground (12V DC Neg), could be harness between lower & upper boards and if installed in a Motorhome could be issue with the 'ignition interlock' for fridge doors

Could even be a flacky thermistor......your model will stop functioning if thermistor fails or has connection issues

Do you know how to use a Voltmeter?
Lots of tests/checks can be preformed .......just need to follow DC circuits and find where it stops.

Start with pg 18 (terminal block) and then pg 20---28 (various wiring diagrams depending on which 1350 model you have),%20RM1350.pdf

flipper123 09-07-2018 09:09 PM

I have a new deepcell Battery fully charged. The fridge was new I only ran it 4-5 times. Connections are tight I checked that first. There is also a relay I didn't check but that if fails will always fail not intermittantly work. I will use my voltmeter and do more checks. I hate when things work one time and not the next time. Thanks for the links for the service manuals. I appreciate the quick response.

MSHappyCampers 09-08-2018 08:59 AM

Hi ! :wavey: Welcome to IRV2! We're sure glad you joined the gang! :dance:

I have no experience with Dometic fridges but noticed you are kinda new on IRV2 and wanted to say hello!

Good luck, happy trails, and God bless! :thumb::D

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