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Seacan 12-20-2018 11:40 PM

NRV Tradewind (Spartan) Headlamps
My 2003 NRV Tradewind has four hi/lo headlamps. Each lamp has two filaments - high mode and low mode. Good idea to have 4 lamps projecting whether hi or lo. However, the power wires for the 'HI' on the outboard lamps, and the 'Lo' on the inboard lamps are severed. The results are two outboard low lamps, which extinguish when the switch is in HI, and two inboard lamps which are off until the switch is in HI. I initially though perhaps the bulbs were incorrect replacements, but the power wires for those additional filaments are clearly in the wiring loom.
Suggestions on how to accomplish, and if I should attempt, 4 lows, 4 highs.

Whaler2 12-21-2018 07:59 AM

NRV Headlights
This issue was common on NRV motorhomes and the subject of several posts. I have never resolved the issue but I always try to be off the road by dark. Some owners tried various methods to make the lights work with mixed results as relays/switches/wiring could not tolerate the additional load. I am sure someone who has personal experience will give you some help. Edit. Suggest you jump over to the general discussion forum. There is a headlight subject thread running that may be a big help.

BOOZE TRAVEL 12-21-2018 12:39 PM

That is how mine is also. Mine had halogen bulbs that insert into the back of the glass housing. I replaced with Heise LED bulbs and they are 100% improved. Using less power with the led bulbs you could probably run all 4 on high but it is not necessary on my coach. I still try to be off of the road by dark mostly.

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