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khocke 12-30-2018 02:48 PM

Jensen/ASA XRV10 iPhone integration?
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Rekindling an old thread for my new Forza...

I have music & phone working between the iPhone & XRV10 but now it's video I'm really interested in.

Has anyone been able to get any iPhone (or Android) mapping app to display on the XRV10? No offense but if not, what a colossal waste of a nice, huge 10" screen. This device doesn't do CarPlay or Android Auto...unless I'm wrong, and really I hope I am.

If I'm right, there's a chance I should be able to connect the iPhone to the XRV10's HDMI port, which will require a $50 Lightning adapter, HDMI cable, and pulling out the XRV10 to get to the HDMI connection on the rear of the unit. An expense, time, and configuration headache I don't need to recreate if anyone else has already struggled with trying to get a map app on their XRV10.

Anybody have any success? If yes, what's the formula?

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