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mr. seaview 12-31-2018 08:14 PM

Aluminum channel from front cap down to top of passenger side window
i was wondering if anyone has removed aluminum channel on front cap that goes down to top of passenger side window?

i still seem to have some water seepage at top of inside passenger window
when it rains really hard? i have sealed all the inside screws in the window
frame but still getting some seepage when it rains hard? i also sealed over
top of outside passenger window.

i have never taken aluminum channel loose? i think i should pull off the
vinyl sheathing on the cap and take a look and see if the screws are loose or
water is coming in from around the screw holes in aluminum channel??

is it possible water can penetrate the vinyl sheathing that covers the aluminum channel??????

thanks for any insight. water does not come in on drivers side window only
on passengers side? water seems to drip from around the top window
screws on top inside passenger window?? thanks for any help:banghead::banghead:

jacwjames 12-31-2018 08:24 PM

I had a Class C that had a leak over the cab in the bunk area. Had to remove the channel and put new caulk under the channel. The vinyl strip pulls out, be careful with it and you can reuse. The channel is held on with screws, remove and then pry the channel up. Really not a very good system.

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