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Mr.Mark 01-17-2019 08:22 AM

We weigh 55,500 lbs w/full water (189 gal) full fuel (230 gal) full DEF (16 gal), 500 hp Volvo, 1,750 lb. ft. of torque, 45 ft. with tag. Always pulling our toad (4,200 lbs.)

No wind conditions:
55 mph---- 7.0
60 mph---- 6.8
65 mph---- 6.5

Head winds will knock the avg. down 1 mpg. The above averages seem fairly consistent over our 50,250 miles. And, it seems we ALWAYS have wind conditions of some sort.


Jake21 01-17-2019 08:26 AM

6 years and over 100,000 miles full timing. Have no idea what my actual mpg is. I just fill when needed.

LickingTexas 01-17-2019 09:34 AM

2005 Safari cheetah 40 ft 350 hp cat 62 too 65 mph flat roads 8 mpg, mountain and hills 5,5 to 6 mpg

lwmcguire 01-17-2019 09:40 AM

7.5 to 8 with no wind and usually 65 mph

Side wind will knock it down as will very hot weather having to run the generator to stay cool

blang311 01-17-2019 10:01 AM

good info
Not sure why some people get offended by this question? For those of us who are just getting started with a DP this is useful information, if the question offends you why are you answering it?

Smitty77 01-17-2019 02:54 PM

Can't edit my earlier post. A minor correction. I'm approximately 37K lbs fully loaded and ready to go, without the toad. The CRV gets in the low 40K lbs range going down the road...


Crasher 01-17-2019 07:35 PM

43' Bus with 450 Cummins weighs 40,000# plus or minus and gets 7.5-8 mpg @62 mph in light wind. Add an 8,000# trailer and it drops to 7 with light wind.

My son's Newell with 600 Cummins weighs 59,500# and gets 5.5-6 mpg @ 65-70 mph. Add in his 13,000# enclosed trailer for a total weight of 73,000# and 5 mpg is a good day @ 65-70.

jimmy braden 01-17-2019 08:41 PM


Originally Posted by blang311 (Post 4593606)
Not sure why some people get offended by this question? For those of us who are just getting started with a DP this is useful information, if the question offends you why are you answering it?

It's the internetS bro.,, everybodies gotta have something ;-)

Barbaraok 01-17-2019 09:01 PM

37' Alpine (36MDDS) after 13 years on the road (350 Cummins) our sweet spot is 62 and we get 8.75 mpg. Was 8.5 before we bought the Park Model and moved all of our winter stuff into it. :D. We never run over 65, and when in California, we run at 58 (55 speed limit when towing) as we don't want to be noticed since we have Texas plates. :cool:

RunningHard 01-17-2019 11:03 PM

36 Winnebago Journey. 300 Cummins, 5.9. 62-65mph. 8.5-9.0. Does not change much with toad or open trailer with side by side toys or Harley. 65-70 and mileage drops off a bit. No emissions on 07. Not much better than those with 100 more HP....Next one, I will get biggest engine I can and could care less.....:cool:

Luckywarner 01-18-2019 05:24 AM

2017 Winnebago Tour 42QD towing 2015 Acadia. Getting 7.4 in last 400 mile hills and flat roads.

HJLowell 01-18-2019 05:31 AM


Originally Posted by guardrail53 (Post 4591561)
MPG has so many factors involved, every coach is different! And not two drivers drive the same! It is impossible to determine! Two different drivers in the same coach, will get different MPG #'s!
I used to tell people that ask me what the MPG were on my MH, "If you are worried about MPG, you should not get a MH!
All that said, me, being a retired O/O trucker, fuel was my biggest cost, so keeping a accurate MPG figure came right out of my bottom line!
In my present coach,1996 Monaco Windsor, 38', 8.3 manual motor, 3060 Allison, towing a PT Cruiser, running the diesel generator, last trip to Custer, S.D., in constant wind, 8.2 MPG! It was hot, so we ran the generator almost 24 hrs. a day! My old girl has a very good HP to Weight ratio, and with the tricks I have learned over all of the years, in driving the big rigs, I have got as high as 10.2 MPG, and the low was this last trip, at 8.2 MPG! I average around 9.2 for the time I have owned the coach!
Wind will affect the MPG more than any other factor!
No more miles than most people put on your MH a year, the MPG are the least important thing you should be worried about! Maintenance, and upkeep, are the things you should be worried about, when buying a coach, and will be the biggest factor in your bottom line!
Good luck, and don't sweat the small stuff! Rail!:cool:

Agreee 100 percent
Right on

HJLowell 01-18-2019 05:47 AM

You can stand at a marina and see tankers come in and unload onto a yaucht.
Or a power boat run where filling up with aircraft fuel is $1,000. To $2,000. Per day of running.
Or stand at flying J and watch a DP owner pump 150 to 200 gallon in.

Its a mindset.

Different strokes for different folks.

People that are ( serious ) contenders for any of these
lifestyle s never ask those mpg questions.
Life's Priorities

Dav L 01-18-2019 09:55 AM

what's interesting is on average, with a +36 ft RV you will get roughly 7mpg +-20% matter the engine size, no matter the driving conditions, no matter the day.

Not sure why that is so, but look just at this thread and how similar the results are.
It's a bit counter intuitive.

It'll be what it is.

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