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cmcguire48 02-10-2019 12:02 PM

To buy or not to buy
I have been offered a great deal(maybe) on a 2014 White Hawk travel trailer. It is in great shape as far as I can tell. It has been sitting for 2 years due to illness of the owner. He wants 7500 for it which is a steal if everything is okay. Suggestions from my friends out there as to what I should look for. I am going to have a RV tech take a look at it but I wanted advice from all of you because you are where I go when I need help. Thanks and have a blessed day.

Old-Biscuit 02-10-2019 12:17 PM

You didn't post WHICH Model so here is Jayco White Hawk Info

RV Tech should check FUNCTION of ALL appliances/components AND thoroughly inspect for damage/issues and especially for WATER Intrusion--delamination/mold etc
Also AGE of tires and if OEM (same size as specified on Data Plate)

VIN matches Title

Good luck!

AWOL2014 02-10-2019 01:50 PM

Good Start
Old Biscuit is right.

Since it has sat unused for 2 years it needs ALL scheduled maintenance performed. The Jayco website and owner's manual lists recommended maintenance.

Yes, new battery, tires, and bearings are a good start but, all the tanks need to be flushed/sanitized, seals lubed, roof will need some dicor, and every appliance needs cleaning/inspection.

IF I were to guess, between tires, battery, scheduled maintenance, and at least one surprise, I would plan to spend $1500-2000 to make it road worthy.

Lastly, check out the FMCA membership/roadside assistance. Well worth it.

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