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Calduke 03-23-2019 01:44 AM

Any Outdoors RV TRX/Trail Series owners?
For those of you who purchased a Trail Series/TRX model, how do you like it? Did you consider a travel trailer or any other brand of toy hauler (other than Desert Fox which I know is similar)? What options are must have vs. nice to have? I believe our must have options are the max air vents, the rear patio kit, rear awning, and the 12V heat pad for the freshwater tank (seems like this should be standard on Outdoors RV products, particularly the trail & back country series, given their "4 Season" intentions). The extra battery tray, more solar, and air compressor are nice to have, but not requirements.

Background on our purchase decision (and we plan to keep the trailer till the kids are off to college in ~10 years): It seems to be a bit different of a concept vs. other toy haulers with more & better cabinetry (which is nice for our family of 4), though the sink location limits toy storage lengths. We only really want a well/built insulated trailer so after looking at many brands on the internet and at an RV show, we're really down to Outdoors RV or Desert Fox (for both the heat in central CA of over 100 in the summer and exploring ID/OR/WA/WY/CO, potentially even in winter) and spending lengthier periods of time in other states in the summer (as we'd like to move out of CA at some point so this would be a good way to try places out). Plus my wife is sold on Outdoors RV and I think I read somewhere that the best trailer is the one your spouse likes :)

After finding Outdoors RV (more by chance initially through the Costco RV purchase program) and originally being interested in a 27BHS model for my wife, me, our 2 boys (ages 9 & 11), and our 3 dogs (two pointers and my wife's pug), we've now decided that a Toy Hauler would better suit our needs. It would be easier to bring our toys such as kayaks, 4 bikes [inside out of the rain], dog crates, and maybe get a side by side some day. Yes I realize a 4 seat RZR won't fit and we don't want to go up to the 29TRX length, but there are other brands of shorter 4 seaters, so we are looking at the 27 TRX as we do want the dedicated bedroom and the 22TRX toy storage length is too short. I also like the higher ceilings of toy haulers as in the BHS, at my 6'1" height, my head is up in the skylight in the shower. Not so in the TRX with the higher ceilings. The living space and kitchen are definitely nicer in the BHS though.

My tow vehicle is on order (2019 F350 crewcab SRW 6.7 diesel, my first new vehicle since 2007 as I tend to keep vehicles in good shape and own them forever), so towing the heavier 27TRX up the Sierra Nevadas won't be an issue other than the hassle of getting my non-commercial Class A license in CA as the 27TRX is a GVWR of 14K.
Thanks for your thoughts,

brulaz 03-23-2019 08:50 AM

I'm just not sure how easy it would be to keep a toy hauler warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The ones I've seen look like they could be draftier than a regular trailer. As even slide-outs can be drafty; the simplest, no-slide-out trailer might be the coziest in extreme weather. Just some thoughts ...
We keep our bikes in the truck bed and kayaks on top of the truck.
ORV's domed ceilings are fine for my 6'1"

Highway 4x4 03-23-2019 09:13 AM

Congrats Calduke on your choice and welcome here. You are exactly the target market that he guys at ORV designed that adventure trailer for. The grand room design, lots of sleeping area, room for toys inside while you travel. When the weather is nice the ramp makes a nice patio and the screen door will keep bugs out with an awning for shade. For a test I suggest you put everyone in the trailer and now think of this all evening or even time to wait out a rain storm. Your truck will tow anything that ORV makes. A Ram Mega-cab might have even more room inside. Take your time and enjoy the new toys. Fill out your signature.

Calduke 03-23-2019 03:30 PM

Thanks for the input so far. We need the truck bed to haul our two larger dogs (with a camper shell/cap on it), which also rules out going the 5th wheel route for the time being till we either have less dogs or the kids are off to college...and my wife doesn't want the dogs riding in the trailer...

keymastr 03-23-2019 08:53 PM

I used to have racks on my canopy that I used for carrying ladders and scaffolding but would also carry kayaks pretty easily. They also make lumber racks that fit around the canopy but those are probably more than you need for kayaks. Just food for thought.

Off Road 03-23-2019 11:09 PM

Welcome to the ORV family! You can’t go wrong with whatever trailer you get. We just went through the exact same purchasing decision. We currently have a 23dbs that is now for sale. I really liked the 27trx but my wife just didn’t like the utilitarian feel, even though it was better than any other toy hauler we looked at. I ended up getting a rack to haul my quad on my truck and we got the 27bhs. We both really wanted the extra living space the slideout offers. I do a lot of hunting trips and spend considerable time indoors when the weather is cold and damp. In the summer it’s just a place to sleep but in October and November it becomes a home. I’m 6.2 so I also loved the bigger shower in the trx but I can live with the smaller shower for the five minutes I spend in it.

River2View 03-24-2019 08:17 PM

Trails Series
I toured the Outdoors manufacturing Trail Series recently and fell in love. It would be perfect to carry my electric bicycles, canoe and three large dogs. With an onboard generator and optional fuel tank for filling Razors, etc. it is the perfect bumper pull trailer for me. Only a couple of issues that prevent me from diving right in. First, it is quite a bit more expensive than my 2017 Black Rock 20 RD. Secondly, the shortest Trail model at 21 feet plus the tongue length of 4.5 feet is a foot longer than my Black Rock. That may not seem like much, but when you're backing into a narrow slot between fir trees and maneuvering your pickup truck in tight little increments in order to clear the fir trees so that you can turn around and back up your driveway uphill, around a curve the rest of the way, I don't have an extra foot of clearance. I'd hate to have to cut down any of my beautiful trees. I'm still trying to figure out how to mount my heavy E-bike inside my trailer. As it turns out, the Thule bike rack I purchased states it is not to be mounted at the back of a travel trailer! Wish I'd known that before spending all that money on a bike rack! Also, I don't have a receiver hitch for my trailer. I carry my dogs in the back of my pick up truck. Has anybody set up a bike mount inside their travel trailers? Yup, I sure do need a toy hauler!

Justa1Gary 04-04-2019 01:23 PM

I just got my 21TRX the other month and have not really used it, except for a 2 night stay on the way home at a casino that had full service hook ups. Currently working out a battery/converter issue that will be resolved with a new converter that is arriving tomorrow.

Did look at other toy haulers at several RV shows and the one model I seriously considered was the Grand Design Momentum 21G that just came out at about the same time the TRX models. Both have positive and negative attributes, I liked the TRX more because of the dual pane windows, slightly better insulation, and width of the trailer being a bit more narrow. I plan to carry my 12' Hobie kayak, Honda Monkey, a couple of mountain bikes, and fishing gear. And yes I got the same options you mentioned with exception of having a single 170 watt solar panel and no battery tray upgrade. Two observations so far: the Max Air Vents option included a total of 3 in just a 21 foot area and the steps for the ramp deck are heavy along with being large. I'm not complaining about either one but they are a bit over engineered which is fine by me versus the alternative. My only other initial opinion is that I wish they provided an option to change the 40 gallon gas tank into a 20 gallon diesel and a 20 gallon gas reservoir. My tow vehicle is a 2500 Silverado HD diesel, so your choice of tow vehicle is probably a good one, I'm kind of expecting the 12 foot plus height to be an issue in high wind.

The usual places I fish in Idaho, typically include many miles of dirt roads so the 21TRX length was a conscious consideration and I expect to use the off road capability, along with the extended dry camping capability. Hard for me to provide "must haves" due to my limited use so far but the important things for me were: quality, off road capability, 4 seasons, and size. I'm sure I'll have more opinions after the first season but hope this helps a bit, good luck.

Live 2 Camp 05-12-2019 04:15 PM

Some good info here, I hope the relies keep coming. The Mrs is considering the 22TRX but not really to haul toys. I have kayaks on the bed topper and bikes inside the bed so, she's looking at the versatile use of the "cargo" area - multiple sleep options with kids/grand kids and a simple living room without company. We'll be full-timing, for the most part, so I'm expecting it to get a bit cramped over time. However, we seldom spend much time inside unless the weather dictates it. When we find ourselves spending more time inside, we find new territory to explore. This would be a big change from our 5th wheel.

IamMango 09-30-2019 12:32 PM

I own a Creekside20fq, but I'm looking at getting the OUTDOORS RV MTN TRX TRAIL SERIES 27TRX or Desert Fox 27fs. I can't decide which one.
Here's my issues:
Supposedly the Off-Road Chassis are made by same company. Then, why such a big difference in net carrying capacity? Price difference is about $5,000 (NEW).
I'm looking to carry a smart car. Curb weight: 1,808 to 1,896 lbs. Most UTVs are going to weigh between 1,200 and 2,000 pounds. I'm covered in weight and size for the smart to fit.

* MTN TRX TRAIL SERIES 27TRX: Exterior Length 33'1", Net Carrying Capacity 5000
Don't like: shades can't be down during travel.

* Desert Fox 27fs: Exterior Length 32'7", Net Carrying Capacity: 3305

Don't like: bathroom sink placement

Cumminsfan 09-30-2019 02:19 PM

I see that the ORV has 6800# axles according to their web site.
Whats NW use for axles? 6,000#?

firelttim 04-18-2020 01:49 PM

2020 27trx
Our decision process and why we chose the 27TRX:

My wife and I were looking for a travel trailer to upgrade from our Cirrus 920 truck camper. We considered all makes and models in both the 5th wheel and travel trailer categories. I have a 2019 GMC 3500 long bed, DRW crew cab with the Duramax and towing package, so we weren't limited by our tow vehicle.

First, we looked at Grand Design 5th wheel campers and couldn't find one with no slide outs that had enough ceiling height for me to stand up in (I'm 6'7" tall). You Tube videos were watched for a few weeks doing our research. We were educated on the problems of slide outs through other owners and their nightmares of leaks and failed retracting mechanisms.

Then we looked at the 5th wheel toy haulers and thought they were too long for our needs.

Living in Utah with cold winters, we wanted to find something that we could take year-round to destinations throughout the western states like Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, etc.

We stumbled on some videos on You Tube posted by full-timers who were describing their Outdoors RV and the features they really liked, such as the insulated basements, higher ground clearance for dirt roads or off road boon docking, and strength of the frames. This was followed by research into the Outdoors RV website and You Tube channel. We found the Trail series and found the floor plan that worked for our needs. The standard generator with built in fuel tank were an added bonus.

Key factors in our decision process:
1. Interior ceiling height.
2. Frame strength and type of construction.
3. All season capability with higher than most other units R-value insulation in the walls, floor and ceiling.
4. High ground clearance.
5. Floor plan layout is versatile.
6. Overall length less than 35 ft. (this allows more campground options as well as navigating dirt roads in back country and wilderness areas)
7. As we all know, everything is expected to break on an RV. Since Outdoors RV is based in Oregon, about an 8 hour drive away, I felt better about this brand than an RV made in Ohio or Indiana for customer support.

We have Cat-Trike recumbent trikes ( that we enjoy when we travel and these fit perfectly in the garage. We also enjoy the rear deck as a patio.

I towed it home from the dealer ( with a non-weight distributing hitch and felt no sway from cross winds, trucks or construction conditions on the highways, but the rear of the truck did sag a bit more than I am comfortable with. So I will be purchasing a weight distributing hitch to help level out the combination. My truck has a 3-inch receiver, so I am trying to find a WD hitch with a 3-inch shank option and I'll go with a 20,000 pound hitch with a 2,000 pound tongue weight and load bars to be sure I am covered for any situation without the need to redistribute my cargo. The Hensley hitch would be the best option, but since they only make a 2 or 21/2 inch shank, I can foresee injured fingers trying to insert the shank while holding the adapter to line up the pin holes.

I hope this helps anyone else in the research phase of their buying plans.

TourNG w MnM 07-20-2020 06:27 PM

I know this an old post but I am just wondering your experience with this model after a year? Thinking about 22TRX or 24TRX

Justa1Gary 07-21-2020 11:32 AM

One Year with the 21TRX
Overall experience after one year is good. Earlier this year we went on a 3,000 mile road trip thru: Idaho, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, & Utah. With 3/4 ton diesel Silverado we averaged 10 MPG, the height of these type of trailers catch allot of wind but there were no issues towing.

I also recently got a used RZR 800 and it does fit in the 21TRX, barely, haven't towed with it yet but I'm sure my mileage will get even worse. Besides the electrical converter replacement, I've had to replace the electrical door lock on the garage door/ramp, and I lost my TV antenna during high winds. There have been some other minor stuff but in general I'm pleased. I appreciate the ruggedness and insulation of the trailer. I only wish that the gray water tank was a bit larger than 40 gallons, because the 40 gallon black water tank never fills up before the gray tank. So maybe I'm doing something wrong...

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