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MarkMaxPayne 07-16-2019 12:36 AM


Originally Posted by lisanorby (Post 4865441)
Hi - I recently posted an issue with the Tiffin Wayfarer 25QW bed that folded in half and was unusable. Trent Tiffin was incredibly responsive and a warranty center replaced the bed and mattress with the version they used in the 2018 and will use in the 2020 models. It now folds up like a piano top when the slide is in and is very comfortable. The arm that holds the bed up when the slide is in is not adequate to securely hold it in place. In fact on our first trip trying out the bed the screws ripped right out of the floor! The warranty center added another fastener on the other side of the bed (strap with plastic clips). Is there no other less clunky way to hold up these type of beds? I am wondering if something similar to the hydraulic type lifts used on the over cab section could be used or something less primitive and ineffective?

In the 2018 the latch was custom fab and very robust. I don't have screws that would rip out of the slide floor. What worried me was the screws on the swing arm part of the latch on the part that raises the foot of the bed.

On the slide out floor on the passenger side a metal bracket is bolted to it with two substancial bolts. A length of C channel aluminum stock was then bolted to that bracket on the end where the latch would catch. The other end, where the latch would slide but not catch, was attached with a screw into the slide floor.

With your slide out in you should be able to see and feel the bolts on the underside of the slide bottom. With the slide out extended you should be able to go outside and look near where the roller is. If you don't have two bolts going through the entire slide out bottom then they didn't do it like the 2018s. Similar to how the seatbelt bolts are done on the side slide out.

When I upgraded to a much better mattress that was thicker and heavier I ordered another latching mechanism for the driver side from Tiffin as the fold up section was bowing under the stress. Drilling those two holes completely through the bottom of my slide out for the two heafty bolts was nerve racking...


Happy_Trails 07-18-2019 01:54 AM

We just sold our 40ft Class A and are wanting to downsize for many of the reasons mentioned on this thread. Our biggest issue, like you guys, is OCCC. So far, the Class C/B+'s OCCC numbers we have is: Tiffin Wayfarer 672lbs, Leisure Vans Unity 900lbs, Lazy-Daze (V-10, not MB chassis 1800-3199lbs). The three of us plus the dogs will weigh in at 600lbs... Has anyone looked into to build one to support greater cargo load capacity?

luvlabs 07-18-2019 04:39 PM

Advanced is still constrained by the same chassis specs that everyone else is but you will just pay more for your low OCCC. Winnebago does a good job in this area since they have been building on the Sprinter chassis for 10+ years and do a good job managing weight.

Happy_Trails 07-19-2019 11:15 PM

Thanks Roger for your reply. I understand that all Sprinter chassis based RV manufacturers are constrained to the same set of Mercedes Benz Sprinter chassis specs. Do you know any specifics as to how Winnebago does a better job at "managing" weight? Furniture selection? smaller tanks? Lighter framing/roof/walls/flooring build materials? No Slides? Thanks for your help.

luvlabs 07-20-2019 04:18 PM

Aluminum framing and much lighter cabinets (from an Italian yacht supplier) are two big ones that come mind. Tankage is about the same as others. All three models have slides. Levelers are not included but can be added with about a 180 lb penalty.

MarkMaxPayne 07-20-2019 04:36 PM

3 Attachment(s)
Linsanorby: here are photos of how Tiffin secured bracket at factory in 2018 models of the Wafarer in both the QW and BW. Arrows are pointing out the all the way through bolts through the slide out bottom. Your dealer when adding this on may have taken a shortcut with short screws and/or they tried a different latching mechanism.

As for some of the weight comments... Yah paperboard and vinyl contact paper pretending to be wood vs real wood is indeed light. Balsa is a wood, but super light (okay I'm kidding here ;)). As for holding up to wear and tear or lasting long? Well, perhaps not so much...


GLE3 11-24-2019 09:03 PM

Can you replace the mattress with a gel foam? thanks christy allen

grthigpen 11-25-2019 08:20 AM

We went to buy a 25RW but we learned about the weight limitations so we bought a Breeze instead

mdudge2019 12-02-2019 04:51 PM

2020 tiffin wayfarer rw

Originally Posted by f14av8r (Post 4788222)
I took delivery last week of my 2020 Wayfarer RW. It's just me and the wife, no kids and we never intend to sleep more than two people. So, we went with the RW (murphy bed, rear bath) floorplan. We chose the theater seating and eliminated the over-cab bunk in favor of the entertainment / storage center.

We made the move from a 35' diesel pusher (Winnebago Journey) and it was an interesting transition to say the least. I was amazed at the amount of stuff we'd be carrying around in the Journey. There was no way most of that was going in the Wayfarer. This was obviously a downsize and we were prepared for the changes that would be required. Our main objectives were:
- Find a coach that the wife was comfortable driving.
- Eliminate the requirement to tow a vehicle.
- Improve our fuel mileage
- Improve the comfort, safety and convenience level of the driving experience.
- Strongly prefer a diesel coach and diesel generator
- Preserve our dry camping ability
- Preserve our one bed experience. We accepted a Queen but the twin / sleep separately options were out.
- Accept the fact we'll cook less and eat out more. Frankly, we did that anyway.
- Minimize the maintenance and cleaning tasks, inside and outside.
- Choose either a Tiffin or a Winnebago product. We didn't even consider anything else.

Here are my initial thoughts.
- The RW floorplan is a market winner. Winnebago has introduced a similar murphy bed / rear bath plan for the 2020 View and I predict it will be far and away the most popular model. The View doesn't offer theater seating up front though and that was a big plus for us.
- The ability to convert the over-cab bunk to a entertainment center / cabineted storage area was a big plus for us.
- The 2020 (actually 2019 for Mercedes) Mercedes chassis is awesome. The comfort, convenience and safety features are on par with any offered in the automotive market. That is hard to find in the motorhome world. Of course, all the manufacturers will benefit from this change so it's really not a determinate when choosing between the various manufacturers building on the Sprinter.
- Love the on-demand hot water heater with recirculation. We've looked at coaches with on-demand heaters before an always rejected them because of the lack of a true recirculation feature. There is nothing better in the motorhome environment, especially when dry camping, than getting your hot water instantaneously without having to run precious fresh water through the pipes.
- The electrical system is superb. I like the simplicity of operation but the complexity in the background. The solar / generator / inverter / shore combination work well together and make for a seemless experience. I'll probably move to lithium batteries when the originals reach their service life but for now, it's all good.
- I like the distribution of fresh, grey and black water across the RW tanks. I like the ability to gravity fill the fresh water tank. I like Tiffin's lowered sump / rotating outlet approach to dumping.
- The entertainment system, with it's HDTV antenna and WiFi Ranger are awesome.
- Storage, while limited, is well thought out. There is even a very small pass through storage area in the back.

Our issues so far:
- The front Cabinet Door hinges were loose
- Glue in the door hinge screw anchors
- Put the pulls in the middle of the door to minimize torque on the lower hinge
- Tie up all loose wires. We found several areas in the water / electrical bays where wires were hanging loose. Not acceptable
- Mount the level sensors properly. Our indicator system never shows zero and never shows full. I suspect that's because the sensors were not mounted properly.
- The Murphy Bed needs an additional travel lock. During our test drive, the salesman forgot to secure the bed properly and it came flying down in the first left turn. It damaged a drawer latch and the edge of the wood bed platform.j
- The Bathroom door needs a travel latch and a lock for privacy.
- The shower skylight needs a shade, at least for storage to prevent yellowing of the plastic enclosure.
- The steel wheels use simulators (hub caps)
- The simulators must be properly positioned or they will cut the valve stem when pushed into position (ask me how I know).

All in all, all our delivery issues have been very minor. Certainly less than when we took possession of the Journey nine years ago! It took us a full year to work out the kinks in that coach.

I highly recommend the 2020 Tiffin Wayfarer RW. The 2020 Winnebago View looks to be a strong competitor but isn't available on the dealers lots yet. Many dealers are offering great prices on 2019 Wayfarers and Views. Be careful! The change in the Sprinter chassis is very, very significant and you'll be buying old technology if you buy a 2019 Wayfarer or View!

I have owned my 2020 since 9-30-19. been back to la mesa rv 4 times to get warranty items fixed. the 1st time was getting the satellite installed. after that, we had to replace the transfer switch, slide motor, jensen radio and panel right behind drivers seat. the control panel on the fridge still does not work. waiting on getting another control panel to see if that fixes it. I love the new tiffin floorplan but kinda wondering why all these things have to be replaced on a new rv. hope I didn't buy a lemon. if they can fix the fridge, then I can try it out and see how it goes.

junkbox 12-26-2019 08:56 PM

2020 Tiffin Wayfarer 25RW Question
We are setting our sights on the 25RW, AND I havenít seen any comments on the water distribution system. I feel a bit of concern over a health risk having fresh water in the same compartment as the dump valves, and fresh water hoses crossing below the dump valves to the water pump, also mounted below the dump outlet. Where are people storing their hoses, and what are you doing to prevent contamination of you fresh water? Iíve only read positive reviews on this?????

shassel 01-27-2020 12:22 PM


Originally Posted by f14av8r (Post 4788222)
We chose the theater seating and eliminated the over-cab bunk in favor of the entertainment / storage center.


I have yet to see any pictures of this option. Can I see yours? Inside and out?
We are also looking to shave any weight possible, and we do not need a bunk.

shassel 01-27-2020 12:31 PM


Originally Posted by luvlabs (Post 4865355)
Start looking at Winnebago View/Navion models. We have found our Navion to be as nice as anything Tiffin has put out the door and it has an OCCC of 1100 lbs or so. Winnebago has far more engineering experience with the Sprinter chassis and knows how to build for maximum OCCC.

We are also trying to decide between Winnebago View and Tiffin Wayfarer. Leaning to Tiffin because their Murphy bed model similar to the 25RW does not have theater seats. Also, their smaller propane tank and compressor refrigerator they are not as good at living off-grid. They do have lithium batteries, however, but Tiffin has that as a "unlisted option" and it will soon become standard, I understand.

I was looking at a RW with 750 lbs OCCC, even with levelers. If I add aluminum wheels and lithium batteries I hope to get that to 850. Still not as good as the View. It's all trade offs.

maasthor 01-27-2020 06:35 PM

we picked up our 2020 25RW tiffin last week. it has aluminum wheels, added slide topper, levelling jacks and solar. OCCC is 900 lbs. plenty to work with; we don't boondock so don't need a full fresh water.

mdudge2019 01-28-2020 02:21 PM

Tiffin 2020 25RW
would love to hear how you like your new Tiffin Wayfarer. We bought ours on 9-30-19. There was a ton of warranty stuff that needed fixing. Hard to believe on a new RV.
Tiffin finally replaced my original fridge. Now we are ready to take a trip. I like the bunk for storage reasons. We dont have a car that we can flat tow right now. hopefully we can fix that problem soon.

Our first trip will be local before we try a long trip to Boise. cant wait to see how we do after all the things have been fixed by LA Mesa Rv.

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