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Dark Sky 05-04-2019 01:39 PM

Accessing Fuse Box
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This fuse box is on a Freightliner XC chassis, suspect it's a pretty common arrangement. I want to get at the back of it and use an available fuse slot for some lighting.
Can anyone please advise how this opens up? It looks like there's some sort of hinge on the left side, but there were no obvious clips or fasteners that keep it closed. I'm sure it's easy when you know how....
Thanks for your time!

Skip426 05-04-2019 05:41 PM

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It's been a few years since , I opened mine up , I do remember there were clips on all four corners.

Here's what it looks like from the rear . photo below

I'll be at the coach tomorrow and see if a close look will jog my memory. :whistling:

Dark Sky 05-04-2019 06:14 PM

Thanks Skip!

You've shown me enough to keep me from getting rammy with my Dremel. Tomorrow I'll set up a brighter light and find those clips.

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